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Friday, November 27, 2009

How Many Ways Are There to Say It?

Hey all!

A bit of a different texture to the poetry today. It's been kind of a melancholy week, something I think a lot of guys experience around the holidays. I set out to write something upbeat and positive, but I couldn't get a good bead on that. I instead I just kind of let the poem go where it wanted. I am not sure how good it is. I wanted to use that first line as a hook throughout the poem, but I am not sure if all the couplets really flow smoothly, some read throughs are a bit stronger than others. That and it wasn't an easy poem to write, I could get sections of it really easy, others seemed like they needed a bit more forcing. Still I finished it and as its been such a hectic posting schedule this month, I thought I would leave it up. Enjoy the poem, and hope your holiday weekend is a good one.

How Many Ways Are There to Say It?

I love you.

So simple a thing to write,

Such a hard thing to say.

Each syllable such a fight,

Words that can't find thier way.

Yet still I love you.

With all the bounty in my heart.

Whether or not you're near,

It's tearing me apart,

The wishing that you were here.

How much can I love you?

Yet never say the words.

The fullness tempering the breach,

Though still my voice cannot be heard,

As my courage lays just out of reach.

Oh that I love you.

Or better yet if you felt it to.

Even if you but suspected,

Of what my heart could imbue,

If it wasn't so dejected.

Still I love you.

But you will never know,

All the ways I dream the dreams,

They are buried deep below,

Beneath the hurts my heart screams.

Sweetest heart, I love you.

If I were a braver man,

I'd rattle the sky and heavens above,

To tell the world how our love began,

A prayer I'd wish to be part of.

Oh God, how I love you.

Those lost moments when we embrace,

Or even that one lonly kiss,

It's shames me now in disgrace,

Of the oppertunities I miss.

But I love you.

How many ways are there to say it?

Without the truth coming out,

Why can't I just admit.

My heart is yours, devout.

That I say I love you.

An easy feat to most,

Yet my voice can't find the sound,

As so many lovers croon and boast,

For me the silence is profound.

I love you.

It's all I ever prayed to say,

To whisper in your ear,

Instead the price I chose to pay,

Are words you'll never hear.

End of Line.

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Anonymous said...

That was an absolutely touching poem...and by the way, your Dad and I wished we were there during Thanksgiving...we miss you. Sherry