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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back To Me

Hey all,

Here is a quick poem I wrote today. I wrote it in about 5 minutes just doodling at work. I don't think it is my greatest work, but I like the easy flow of the rhymes and the very simplistic nature it represented. Not really breaking any new ground but this is what I would consider easy listening poetry. Sometimes that tells just as important a story as a complex one. Enjoy.

Back to Me

The time we spend away,

Grows longer by the day,

And I need you to come back to me.

The days just gather on,

Still not where you belong,

And your loveliness hurts to not see.

My heart seems to wear more thin,

Wondering where you have been,

And here I am listening for your decree.

Never seems more alone,

Trapped here on my own,

Our separation held by a degree,

If only I could see your face,

Then I'd remember my place,

And you'll have no need to flee.

So when you could find,

The means to remind,

Of my final yet furtive plea.

You would forget the regret,

So the pain may abet,

And things could return to what they use to be.

End of Line.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Movie Review: Hitman

Hey all,

Caught the movie Hitman on Sunday. I realize that I am turning into a grouch because I seem to hate so many movies lately. I shouldn't say that I hated Hitman, I understood going into it that it was a plot-less actioner that wasn't going to be driven by great acting or a complex plot. I just wanted a fun shoot'em up and I felt let down. There wasn't any great action sequences that were fun or over the top, such as in films like The Transporter or Crank, where the energy or fun of the film is what drives it.

Hitman felt lethargic and uninspired. I read one movie critic compare it to a direct to cable quality feature and I have to agree. Spending the money of effects and whatnot actually was a detriment to me, the less the budget the less I tend to expect. I wanted to be entertained and I do like Timothy Olyphant, his roles in Deadwood and Live Free or Die Hard where great. I just wanted a bit more bang for my buck. Either go super realistic, like the Bourne movies, or fun and over the top like Crank. Few movies can really straddle that line like the Die Hards or Lethal Weapons.

A basic summery of the film find Olyphant's Hitman character raised from birth to be a nameless assassin who is set up by his own organization to take the fall for the assassination of a Russian Presidential candidate. Olyphant's character, Agent 47, kills the target, but finds out later that the target he saw killed was still alive. Discovering that the target has a double, he rescues the targets love slave girlfriend and tries to figure out why he is being set up. The movie throws the standard sex scene and regular trappings that you want from an action movie, but it doesn't have a lot of fun with it. My recommendation is to wait for cable.

End of Line.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thought Balloon

Hey All,

Tonight over dinner I had a very interesting talk about relationships. What people look for in them and why people do the things they do. As a man who has never been in much of a relationship I find it odd that many of my theories seemed to reverberate so succinctly.

The topic of men paying for stuff all the time came up and as to why men seem to have to do that. Most guys think of this as a way to be a provider, and to show affection through those means. This came around to the subject of why men are often paying for stuff still from previous relationships, which lead to a discussion to one of what I feel is one of my more sound theories. The concept of "A dick in a glass."

Dick in a glass is applied to females, vajayjay in a glass for men. Most women in my experience have what I refer to as a dick in a glass, a guy they are friends with and may flirt with, but never take it to that relationship level. After a period of time many women come to realize that they are not having successful relationships with the other sex. Many times prioritizing things that seem important in the beginning of a relationship over things that matter in a relationship later. That is when they have to decide if it;s finally time to break the glass in case of an emergency and go to the backup.

Dick in a glass is usually a low maintenance thing, though you do need to check for freshness every so often, Phone calls or surprise visits from the girl to keep you fresh in your mind are best. Never let the other plan things unless that suits your freshness needs. You simply can't go 8 months to a year and not call, that is to long and the "dick" will spoil from lack of attention.

The same can be said of vajayjay in a glass. That is often the underlying current when a man is still paying for stuff for his ex. Keeping a tab on the girl by paying for stuff gives you a reason to call, and keeps you in her mind as you go into a relationship. That way if it doesn't work out or you don't find something else, you can return to what you had before.

Anyway, the conversation was very interesting for me, as this is a topic I have little first person knowledge of, but a lot of third person insight. Maybe being out of the loop for so long will give me an advantage as I move forward in in my own life. Food for thought at least.

Thanks for reading.

End of Line.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Water's Fall

Hey all,

I may post about Black Friday tomorrow, but frankly I am worn a bit to thin to dwell upon that some more. I did want to write another poem though. A bit more of a nature theme with some of the old concepts that tend to run into my poetry. Thanks for reading.

Water's Fall

Sound of rain against the glass,

Falling drops from cloud has pass.

Rivulets of water run the pane,

Spiraling down towards ledge drain.

Wash away the dust and grime,

The thunder rings it's echo's chime.

Wind does toss the drops about,

As lightning flashes brilliant, stout.

Umbrella's dot the streets below,

While people clutch coats to wind's blow.

The pelting drops a soothing noise,

A remembrance of all enjoys.

Out the door to see darkened clouds,

To gather under as the rain shrouds.

The cold wisp of chill about the air,

And the rain cascades upon my care.

Standing 'neath the water's fall,

Realizing that I feel so small.

End of Line.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

True Story Time: Thanksgiving Edition

Hey all,

As today is Thanksgiving I thought I would relate one of my families great holiday traditions to you. As many holidays involve gift giving, like Santa at Christmas and the Easter Bunny on ..well Easter, my family gave gifts on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Eve, our house would be visited by the Turkey Gobbler. A giant turkey who would come into your house at night and leave you a hidden present somewhere for you to find. I find it no more ridculous than the concept of the Easter Bunny, a rabbit that hides eggs and candy. At least we got a present out of it. The Turkey Gobbler, Yeah you read that right.

Growing up I didn't realize that the Turkey Gobbler was not a part of other familes Thanksgiving Day Traditions. It was always a part of our childhood and something that is indigenous to my father's side of the family. It is a tradition that I know my brother and I would definately continue should the oppertunity present itself for us in the future. I like that we have a tradition unique to or family, even if it sounds strange to others.

Maybe next Thanksgiving, you should be a good boy or girl and see if you get a visit from the Turkey Gobbler.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

End of Line.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

If I

Hey all,

I am not really sure about this poem, just sort of plopped out while I was staring at the blank screen. I don't know if I like it or not really. The last few poems that I have written have been what I felt were decent entries, though 1 or 2 didn't make the posting cut. I really hate writing stuff that I don't post, I want to give you a full range of possible readings, and what I don't like someone else may. They also may agree with me that its terrible. Rest assured that the two poems I didn't post were really below my standards. This may be on the border.. I dunno. If it is bad, well there will be better ones in the future. If it's good, then I am being to hard on myself.

If I

If I died a little more,

Than maybe you'd be here.

If I died a little less,

You'd leave me to this fear.

If I worked a little harder,

Then you'd find less fault.

If I worked a little less,

There would be nothing left to exalt.

If I loved a little better,

You'd have returned in kind.

If I loved a little worse,

I'd have sped up the imminent decline.

If I'd spent a little more,

And proved myself with worth.

If I'd spent a little less,

Then your happiness would be dearth.

If I died a little more,

The end would be well served,

If I died a little less,

I still get what I deserved.

End of Line.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sesame Street Censored

Hey all,

I just read this on

Copied from

"DVDs of early seasons of Sesame Street bear a warning to parents that they may not be appropriate for small children, the New York Times observed today (Monday). Carol-Lynn Parente, executive producer of Sesame Street noted that in the early days of the show, a regular feature was a parody of Masterpiece Theater, featuring Alistair Cookie, played by Cookie Monster, who appeared with a pipe. "That modeled the wrong behavior," Parente observed. Oscar the Grouch appeared too grouchy. "We might not be able to create a character like Oscar now," she said. The Times also noted that in the DVDs (Volumes 1 and 2) Cookie Monster can be seen "in his former inglorious incarnation: a blue, googly-eyed cookievore with a signature gobble ('om nom nom nom')."

I swear this PC bullshit is out of control. You know, I watched Sesame Street growing up and I don't smoke, nor has Oscar the Grouch seem to "grouchy" to me. It's his frickin' NAME for God sake. The fact that the Cookie Monster now has cookies as a sometimes snack just further heralds the imminate fall of creative freedom on televison and the further advancement of poor programming for young people. We will have sterile shows that do not allow for different views.

To be fair, I am OKAY with putting a warning on the pipe smoking thing, but censoring and calling Sesame Street innaprpriate is riduclous. It's not as if children are watching material that promotes stereotypes, obviously films like Fall of a Nation and The Jazz Singer, while appropriate at the time they were made, send clear cut messahes of racism and intolerance now. Oscar the Grouch simply reiterates what happens when you act like an ass. It's also not like smoking is illegal, many kids have parents that smoke. Smoking is something a parent needs to have an active role in teaching children. Both of my parents and grandparents smoke, along with my brother and a good friend, yet I don't. I don't think you have to say a program that educated so many children is no longer apprpriate because a puppet smokes a pipe and eats cookies.Do that when you catch a kid watching Caligula or any movie with Rob Scheider, then you have a problem.

End of Line.

It's All Relative

Hey all,

I talked to my Dad over the weekend who related this FANTASTIC story to me about my Grandfather. I think you all have been reading this blog long enough to get my dark sense of humor. The kind of things I often find funny isn't what the norm is for most people. This is totally a trait in the family. My brother has the same sense of humor, though to be honest I think I would push a joke farther. We both get this trait from our Dad, who gets it from his. Our Dad always showed how he cared about us through jokes and laughter, and that a lot of times is how I relate how I care about people. If I don't joke or tease a bit, then I am probably not comfortable with you.

Anyway onto the story. My Dad and step-mom Sherry were talking to my grandparents over the weekend. They moved back to Ohio about a year and a half ago to help take care of things with my grandparents. My grandma was really sick and grandpa had really aggressive cancer and the prognosis was grim. (Both have made very strong recoveries and are doing much better, Grandpa is still working 8 to 9 hour days at 80plus years old.) Grandpa made sure to have all his affairs in order so no one else would have to worry about it.

Sherry and my grandma were joking around when my Grandpa asked Sherry if she wanted to see the picture that he was going to put on his tombstone. Sherry said okay and Grandpa got the picture. He made sure to have the tombstone done in advance as part of his preparation, the only thing left to do is put on the final date, but the names and birthdays and messages are engraved already for both grandparents. So he grabs the picture and it's him, standing beside his own tombstone with a big cheesy grin, waving at you! I started rolling laughing when I heard this, Sherry is pretty mortified I imagine, as she doesn't tend to find the darker humor funny like the male side of the family. So Dad and Grandpa are laughing as Grandpa is talking about the plot he bought, under a tree right by the road, so that no one actually has to get out of the car to pay respects, they can just flower the grave like a paperboy. My Dad says that of course they will get out of the car, they already scheduled the picnic there after his death.

My grandpa laughed, and I thought that his ability to laugh in the face of something that most people don't even want to acknowledge is just part of the reason he is such a great person. Now some of you may not have found that funny, just on the sick side. Hey, what do you want me to say? Your reading the blog of a man who wants a cake that says "In your face Christ" when I turn 34. I'll have outlived Jesus by then!!

End of Line.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Computer (not so) Blue

Hey all,

Big week this week. FIrst off I am finally posting from my own PC. Got a pretty good deal on a Toshiba laptop, 120 gig hard drive with CD/DVD rewritable drive, built in web cam and wi-fi capable. I am pretty happy with it. The keyboard feels very natural and the screen size is great, not to big for travel, but just right to work on. Obviously there is a little bit of work to do on it to get it up to what I need, like getting MS Office to help with my writing. I am also going to try to budget for a little more RAM and an external hard drive to keep my music and writing on. There are also the small necessities like a good bag and better portable mouse system than I currently have, but I am fully functional. The best part about it is that the spell check on this computer works so while blogging I can easliy fix any errors. That being said there are a few features I don't like, such as missing the numeric pad on the keyboard, I never realized how much I use it until I lost it. I am also not 100% on Windows Vista yet, but give me time and some more familarity with it and I am sure it will work great. If not that;s what a warrenty and anti-viral software is for right?

In other blog news Jason is doing a kick ass banner for the blog and it's near completion. Hopefuly by week's end I can give the site a bit of an overhall and pop it up some. I think the banner looks amazing, but I would expect no less from Jason, everything he does is top notch.

The blog this week should feature a new Thanksgiving edition of True Story Time as well as another poem more than likely. Also probaly some words on the current sports season. As always thanks for reading!

End of Line.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writer's Strike

Hey all,

Thought I would add my two cents about the current Writer's Guild strike. The longer this goes on, I think the worse the effects will be down the road. Currently the writer's are striking for better revenue sharing on Internet downloads and DVD sales. There are many other aspects they are asking for too, like credits on movie posters and such, but those are the big ones. Currently the writer is making only a few cents off of DVD and Internet sales, and they seek more. Entirely within their rights I believe. What I don't believe is that anyone is making a lot of money off of Internet downloading, of movies at least. I don't think you can argue that that ITunes is making some money, but really who buys movies online as a viable medium right now. I understand that the belief is that the future will herald more profit from downloads, but I really doubt it.

Of course online sales will be there for the use, but with the influx of High Def and the widespread dominance of DVD the medium is going to have a slow rise if any. Now I have read previously that the release of the fourth Die Hard this week will include a digital download. (Now I can't seem to corroborate that fact online anymore so maybe that's not true now) Personally I think that is the way to go. I know its frustrating owning a DVD and being forced to buy additional software to hack a DVD you own to your own iPod. Getting both formats makes sense. I should be able to plug in and transfer what I want without all this other hassle.

Digital downloads currently are not something to cause such a fuss over. I understand the belief though that the writers think they will get screwed like they did with VHS and DVD residuals. I am all for them getting their fair share. But ultimately everyone is going to suffer from the strike.

Many shows are down to the last few episodes they have in the can, no more will be filmed as they don't have scripts. Shows like Journeyman and Heroes will end at the mid-season arc, while shows like The Office are already shutting down as so much is improvised on the set and many cast members are also members of the WGA. This will particularly hurt freshmen series like Bionic Woman and Pushing Daises. Bionic is struggling in ratings and may not recover once the hiatus ends. Daises is such a different concept the growing status of the show may not recover from a long absence as well. This will also affect many mid-season shows, like Lost and Battlestar Galactica by limiting the number of finished programs they will have ready, causing more of the episodic delays that plagued both shows last season. Will fans still be interested in a long wait again on both series? Programmers will be banking heavily on the mid season replacements to keep revenues up. The big ones being returning programs like Jericho and Fox's Terminator series The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

Movies will be fine through 2008, but come 2009 there will be limited fair to be had at the multiplex. Stockpiling scripts before the strike will only help so much as many of the tent pole big budget movies see script revisions all the way up and into production. Spider-man 4, Harry Potter 7, Transformers 2, and projects like The Hobbit may not take place for even longer periods. That is particularly bad for the Hobbit, as New Line's rights to produce the pic ends in 2009 I believe, production would have to start prior, which gives a limited window the longer this strike goes.

In the end the only thing we have to look forward to will be more reality television. Juggernauts like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars can continue, but some of the future projects like My Dad is Better Than Yours make me shudder. We all know were I will be during this time, turning back to finding more great classic movies on TCM and hoping that NBC carries over the BBC version of The Office into prime time. Hoping for a quick resolve. Thanks for reading the rant.

End of Line.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Kiss

Hey all,

Felt like I needed to post a poem to offset that last story. Wanted to get back to doing a love poem again, trying to capture just a moment in time. It's certainly a continuation from my previous poem The Match. Hope you enjoy.

The Kiss

In awkward seconds before our first,

My heart feels like it soon must burst.

A time of which we'll surely reminsce,

Marking the moment of the kiss.

Closing in to taste your lips,

The precipice to cause such slips.

Gladly now to tumble down,

And lay your feet thy Queenly crown.

Reign upon my feeling's deep.

Your sovereignty over me to keep.

Closer now to touch your hand,

Breath to breath so close we stand.

Sweep away stray strand of hair,

Beauty held without compare,

Soft skin held in supple cheek,

The missing part my soul did seek.

Caught within your eyes,

A glimpse of Heaven therein lies.

You've stripped me to the core,

And all I want is more,

Brushing soft, a slow begin,

Warmth bubbling deep within.

Lips pressing harder now,

A promise of more, unsaid vow.

Urgent flush of passion's throws,

Layed me bare to all expose.

Holding tight in this embrace.

A moment of time held in place.

Discovering in each a taste,

From what once seemed so chaste.

And though my eyes be tightly shut,

Your image in mind is clearly cut.

That urgency that once was strong,

Cannot last for everlong.

Once hard kiss grows more light.

Yet still everything feels so right.

Slowly now we pull away,

From this kiss that filled my day.

Now that our lips have part,

All I want to do is return to the start.

End of Line.

Small Wonder

Hey all,

I found this on YouTube to go with that earlier post. A small glimpse in the fracture that I call a mind.

End of Line.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

(Kinda) True Story Time!

Hey all,

I have been prompted to post this story after relating it to my good friend Jason, who laughed very much and said that it HAD to be posted.. for posterity of course.

This is about a dream I had two nights ago. I should point out that I am a very deep sleeper and very rarely remember any dreams I have had. I just don't remember or have them with any regularity, so anything I do remember is unusual.

I dreamed that I was at an awards show, sort of like a less casual Oscars, sitting next to Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. Harrison Ford is talking to me about a movie we made 15 years ago where I played his son and that after seeing my most recent movie he totally needed to work with me again. At this point whoever was hosting the awards show announces that appearing in each row of the ceremony would be old actors and actresses who were no longer famous. Mostly child stars. In my row I get the actress who played the robot Vicky on the old Fox sitcom Small Wonder.

*Side note- Small Wonder, for those of you out of the know was a sitcom where a regular family man created an android daughter who spoke in a weird robot voice and wore the same red dress and white apron for every episode. It was basically a robotic rip off of the show Alf. Lord.. I hope I don't have to explain that show to explain my explanation. This sitcom was on for 4 YEARS. That's milking a premise eh?

Okay, but the kicker is that Vicky is all grown up now, and really slutty. The only part I remember is she was wearing a tiny shirt with the words Small Wonder over each of her breasts. I remember her winking at me and giving me the key to her hotel room. At this point Harrison Ford says to me , " She wants you man."

So I dream jump to a scene where me and Harrison Ford are trying to catch the elevator door before it closes with the grown up girl from Small Wonder inside. We are to slow and have to get another elevator. But as much as I ride the elevator I can't get to the right floor. With Harrison Ford the whole time egging me on to get to her room. This is the point where I wake up.

Now this dream is fucking crazy on so many levels I don't now where to begin. First off, who has a fantasy about the chick from Small Wonder? I guess I SHOULD take solace in the fact that she was at least grown up. That's all kinds of twisted otherwise. That show has been off the air for close to 20 years! Also, at what point did Han Fucking Solo turn into a horn dog? Let's not even fathom about what riding in an elevator with Harrison Ford means. And how come I can't even seal the deal in my sub-conscience? When Lord is it my turn? I swear to you right now that if I have a dream where I have to chase down the Manimal before moving in with My Two Dads I'll just kill myself. It's better for everyone at that point.

End of Line.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Match

Hey all,

Here is a new poem. I really tried to write a poem where what you read about isn't necessarily what the poem is about. For me, this poem is about the moments in your life where everything is great and you feel great, and how those moments seem so long and end so abruptly. I tried to write small 3 word lines to build the sense of urgency in the poem to highlight the emotions in it. Maybe you will read it and think it's just a poem about a match, but I found a deeper meaning. I have always believed that there are only so many perfect moments in your life, and you have to seize them when they come. There are also times when your overwhelmed, burning the candles at both ends, and sometimes you also have to light the middle of the candle to survive. It's like they say, sometimes its better to burn out than fade away. That's a moment you have to grab ahold of.

The Match

Draw the match.

Strike box's scratch,

Pierce the dark,

Flashing brilliant spark.

Orange and red,

Burn at head.

With wooden shaft,

In finger's graft.

Slowly now burning,

Needing and yearning.

Consuming its all,

Trapped in thrall.

That hottest flare,

Burns without compare.

Finding no deterrance,

This momentous occurance.

Fire grows height,

Fierce and bright,

At flame's peak,

Nothing seems weak.

Yet blazing burn,

Begins down turn.

Something so strong,

Cannot stay long.

The flickers dance,

Dim flame's romance.

Heat once bold,

Now turns cold.

Soft breath blow,

Lessens match's glow.

As smoldering fire,

Begins to expire.

Orange changes blue,

Before times through,

Lasting sulfer scent,

The fire spent.

Spiral smoke left,

The moments theft.

Once so devout,

Now just burnt-out.

End of Line.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Postage Past Due

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of new material so far this month, I am trying to get stuff ready at work to take another week of vacation before the holiday rush and there is a lot to do to get that ready. I also have been working towards getting 3 more managers in the store by the end of the month, which will help immensaly in my work load in the coming year.

There is a ton of stuff I want to update on this week, including another true story, in addition to the great one I have scheduled for Thanksgiving. I also want to try out posting some flash fiction, something I read about from Warren Ellis. Quick 3 to 5 paragraph stories told in a flash I think that will be fun.

Hopefully within the next two weeks I will be on my new PC. I am due a bonus check that is running slow and hopefully I got that cleared up. I'd like to be able to write in word and cut and paste suff in, as well as copy all of my poetry back to a harddrive. Currently I only have the archive online.

I have been working a more normal work scgedule this week, more 9 to 5's and I find that it is not as inducive to writeing as I would have hoped. I really enjoy these late night, early morning time slots to be alone with my thoughts and post. Be on the lookout, there is more to come!

End of Line.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Price of Freedom

Hey all,

I took another stab at writing a poem outside of my normal comfort zone. I have been gestating on this one a few days and I am not sure how I feel about it. I started sounding the poem out while leafing through the paper working the graveyard shift early in the morning. It was boring and I had little to do by about 4 am. Anyway, I wanted to touch on the nature of war and people's reaction to it. It's a very polarizing topic and I wanted to touch on both sides of it, without favoring one over the other so the reader can decide how they feel about it. The poem is not meant to express any particular war or fight, hopefully you, the reader, can make your own interpretations. I'd be interested to hear what you all thought. Is it too heavy handed or obvious? Did I walk that line of pro or con? Like I said, I don't know if I did. Anyway here you go.

The Price of Freedom

Troubled times now lie ahead.

Thousands of soldiers lay in bed.

Promises made of help to come.

The remainder left, now cold and numb.

That vow once made for troops to send,

Broken again without chance remend.

Some will come home in black bag or wheeled chair.

Some will have injuries that medicine can't care.

Their wounds run deep, yet hard to find.

Existing so in heart, soul, and mind.

Sacrifices offered both big and small,

The belief that they suffered for the benefit of all.

Pray to loved ones that they left behind.

These same families offer returns in kind.

But not all feel in this way,

A country of change cannot all stay.

So when they comes home, it's like they've not left.

The disenfranchised and angry, a nation split in cleft.

So many men have been here before.

Still may more will marshall to the roar of war.

Some soldiers are born, and some are made.

The price of freedom though, is a cost that must be paid.

And even those against the fight,

Should champion those who fought for that right.

End of Line.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Movie Time: Rewind: The Searchers

Hey all,

Quick Note, I tried to spellcheck this in another program and I don't think it worked. Hopefully I will be posting from my own PC soon to get my terrible spelling in check. Thanks for reading.

I thought I was well overdue for another featured column, Movie Time: Rewind. Highlighting films made before the year of my birth, 1976. I've talked about Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, and the Marx Bros., so I thought I should highlight my other favorite actor from Hollywood's Golden Age, John Wayne. Now Wayne made a lot of movies, with more than his fair share of turkeys, especially once he got into the 1960's and 70's, where his style of film making and acting were fading. The 60's was a tough time for the studios as most of the old Hollywood guard were passing on and losing box office relevance, except the Duke. He continued making westerns and war films that would turn a profit, but the films he was making weren't challenging him or breaking any new ground. People just wanted to see John Wayne be John Wayne, Other than a few exceptions post 1965, most of the films I like from Wayne were made in the 40's and 50's. He made many great films, Stagecoach, Red River, The Quiet Man are all great choices I might highlight later, but by far my favorite Wayne film is 1956's The Searchers.

Directed by the great John Ford, I really feel like this was both his and Wayne's best film. Ford's cinematography is so influential in this movie it continues to inspire many directors today, including Spielberg, Coppola, and Scorese. His use of negative space in film making as well as his choice of shooting locations, Utah's Monument Valley, create an incredible atmosphere. This wasn't the first time he had shot in Monument Valley, but the film's technicolor enhancements really create a vibrant scene unlike anything that had come before.

The storyline is that Wayne is a former officer in the civil war who swears revenge on the Indians who have kidnapped his niece. His niece is played by a young Natalie Wood. There is a lot of subtle plot that many may miss on the first take, such as Wayne's character's mother's name on a tombstone being killed by Indians earlier, the basis for Wayne's hatred of Indians. Many critics have a problem with how Indians were depicted in the movie, but I really believe that both Indians and the white man show good and bad traits throughout. This is one of the few films were Wayne doesn't play the straight hero, there is alot about Wayne that is unlikable in the film, shooting people in the back and his treatment of others. It's one of the few films he made where he doesn't play John Wayne, he plays the character. Both Wayne and his Indian nemesis are driven by revenge, and though one dies in the end, the other isn't truly alive either.

The final scene featuring Wayne looking out into the horizons, holding his arm, is so iconic. The color and sound, Wayne is alone and always isolated. It's a great scene, and it doesn't need words to impart the meaning, it speaks solely through the motions.

It's a beautiful film with a clever and subtle plot, it's got action and acting, and I really feel it's one of the all time great films. Just like Wayne says in this film, that marked the birth of one of his signature phrases, "That'll be the day" when they manage to to top this film.

End of Line.

Friday, November 02, 2007

True Story Time!

Happy November all!

It's about time for another true story and while I can't promise that this is as funny or crazy as some of the others, it will be proof positive that the weirdest shit happenes to me. As mandatory at work, I have to work the early shift on the first of every month to complete an inventory and turn in monthly numbers. It is usually a pretty long day, about 10 to 12 hours. This month was no exception as I was also asked to go over to another store to help troubleshoot some numbers and help out with questions for one of the other managers. After turning in numbers, it has become kind of a tradition to head out to a bar and have a few beers and generally wind down the day with other store managers.

We headed to my old watering hole, Old Chicago this time and spent a few hours there.. having fun and what not. As we were leaving a bunch of us was standing out front of the bar still talking and laughing. Then some old grey hair bat pushes her way through 2 other people to come up to me. She grabs the underside of my gut and shakes it asking me "Whats this down there" She then puts her arm on me and leans on me.. albeit fairly drunkenly. this lady is in her sixties at least with some old silver fox standing off to the side watching his lady lean on the fat guy. I don't know how to really react to this, one as she is obviously drunk. Two is don't want to push this lady off, she looks like she could be made of paper mache..Crazy old bat.
My response was like what are you doing?

Thankfully my friends, also equally shocked by this lady's reaction, helped to diffuse the situation by cutting some jokes and distracting her. When she starts interacting with them I moved away. Needless to say this ENTIRELY killed our socal mood and we all left. But I am stuck with the question, Why does this stuff keep happening to me? Why is it the only woman who even remotely shows me any interest is a fucking 100 years old, When lord.. When's it my time. I go from being felt up by a younger guy in a wal mart bathroom to being felt up by an old lady in a barroom parking lot. Is that REALLY a step in the right direction? Why can't it be a young, nubile nymphomaniac with self-esteem issues?

I've heard of a cougar... but I thought saber-tooth tigers were extinct.

End of Line.