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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Assorted Nuts!

Happy July everyone!

Hard to believe that we are nearly halfway through the year already. Before I start off with my monthly recap, I thought I should take a few moments to point some things out. In recent weeks I've started to pick up some followers (yay!) for which I am very grateful. I always say that I don't really do this blog for anyone but myself, but to be honest I enjoy it when other people offer feedback, good and the bad, as they are helpful tools in helping me to improve. So firstly, welcome new readers. Secondly the point of my blog is pretty simple, I write about the things I enjoy. Short stories (actually micro fiction or flash fiction) which are even shorter tales, poetry, movie reviews, comic books, and whatever other random bits of nonsense I feel like writing about.

There is a small measure of structure though. Under the Anatomy of a Blog section on the right, you can see tags which can let you navigate through some of the 600 plus posts on the website. It's dissected by general topics, like poetry, movie reviews, travel blogs, ect. Or you can pick on some of the individual flash fiction stories I wrote. Currently I am writing a flash fiction serial, I get about a chapter a week up) Called Under a Dead Sun: Past Sins. It's a sequel to my first attempt at writing serialized short fiction, though I am using a far greater structure with this one than I did the last. I tend to write about different kinds of things, some of my short stories are more science fiction or horror, but I also have some stuff that I would consider more emotionally charged and dramatic, though those tend to be shorter in chapter form, 1 to 3 installments. Feel free to navigate the tabs and leave comments on anything you like.

Anyway, July is usually a pretty big month for me on the blog and this month will certainly be no exception. In addition to my regular features, San Diego is hosting the Comic Con International again in a few short weeks and I plan on updating my blog daily with the goings on. Also look for the current chapter of Dead Sun to really start to come together as characters should be in the process of meeting up and arcing towards bigger and more bloody confrontations for them. I have also been feeling the need to post some more dramatic stuff in terms of the fiction I've been writing.

Anyway stay tuned, this will be another huge month for me and I'm more excited than ever to keep working on the blog.

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