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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Little Lie

Hey all,

Not a lot of precursor to this poem. I wrote it to kind of deal with those moments n your life you lie to yourself and how you eventually feel coping with the truth of the matter. Thanks for reading.

A Little Lie

Told myself a little lie,

That grew greater in the telling.

Soon enough time did pass,

Even I believed the selling.

Thought my chance for happiness,

Was waiting there for me.

A foolish thought for such as I,

To blinded by dishonesty.

Could have seen that turn of fate,

To find some blessed progress.

In the end I found the answer,

And all that could have been, regress.

Colors shined into my world,

A spectrum seen through hooded eyes.

In truth the world is black and white,

Shaded by a false disguise.

Now I bare the truth to heart,

Wiser for such wear.

Won't let myself get fooled again,

I couldn't take more despair.

Say goodbye to all that mattered,

Hello to what what does not,

Shoulder now the truth to burden,

A hope one day this lies forgot.

End of Line.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Review: Walk Hard

Hey all,

Four weeks equals four movies for me, as I caught Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story this past Friday. More importantly, this film finally broke my string of disappointing box office choices. Walk Hard is my favorite comedy of the year.

Produced and co-written by comedy golden boy Judd Apatow, the guy that brought heart to raunchy R rated comedies, and starring John C. Reilly and Jenna Fischer (Pam of The Office) Walk Hard made me laugh more than Superbad or Knocked Up. Reilly is Dewey Cox, a troubled singer along the lines of Johnny Cash who accidental killed his talented younger brother and sets out to be a rock and roll musician. He is troubled by the usual rock and roll temptations, sex, drugs and alcohol, but ultimately finds himself in the end.

It follows Apatows now dependable pattern of R comedy with a heartfelt message, but it adds such a level of absurdity and ridiculousness, that it doesn't get sappy the way Knocked Up does. It never takes itself seriously, from a fully grown Reilly playing his 14 year old self, to the hilarious innuendos in some of Cox's songs, like Let's Duet or Darling. Reilly plays the role with such energy and wit, going from comedy straight man to the being the punchline seamlessly throughout. Fischer, as his second wife is seriously cementing her hotness as well as her ability to play off other actors. The celebrity casting is great too. Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and Justin Long as Paul, John, and George of the Beatles, Frankie Muniz as Buddy Holly, and my personal favorite, White Stripes front man Jack White as Elvis Presley.

Reilly also sings his own songs in the films, which are very funny. Be warned, there are a few male nudity jokes in the film, but I think that the audiences discomfort made those moments even funnier. All in all, Walk Hard is a movie you should definitely check out.

End of Line.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Movie Time: Rewind: Singin' in the Rain

Hey all,

Almost forgot to post this month's installment of the Rewind, highlighting great films made before the year of my birth. I thought this posting would highlight a genre that hasn't got a lot of respect until recently. The musical. I know it's not the manliest thing to admit to, but I like a well done musical. Recent years have seen Moulin Rouge! and Chicago as pretty good films, but great musicals came out of the end of Hollywood's golden years.

When you talk about musicals in the 1940's and 1950's, for my money you are talking about Gene Kelley. Kelley took musicals and approached them like he would a sport. Adding great dance and song sequences that were in my opinion unparalleled. He made many great films, but the one you can't go wrong with is Singin' in the Rain. Made in 1952, it is considered the ultimate collaboration between director/actor Kelley, and director Stanley Donen. Kelley would handle all the musical numbers, while Donen directed the storyline. Donen would go on to make several great films, directing Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Two for the Road, and another true classic, Charade, Cary Grant's last great film.

This is the pinnacle of Kelley's career, he goes on to make several more good films, but he never quite achieves the same success. MGM, who produced the film, cast Don O'Conner, Cyd Charisse and newcomer Debbie Reynolds in the film to add power to the singing and dancing numbers.

The films plot is set around the time of the movie's transition from silents to talkies. Kelley plays a silent film star with actress Jean Hagen, who upon the release of the film The Jazz Singer, realizes that they must make their latest film a talkie. The pair, who have had a string of successful films together, begin reshooting their movie. Hagen's character believes all the tabloid hype about herself and Kelley, and wants to be romantically involved with him. But Kelley has eyes for a chorus girl he met fleeing from the paparazzo. After reshooting the movie, they screen the film and get laughed out of the theatre, as Hagen's character's strong ditsy accent is unbearable, and Kelley's dialog and acting not translating to talkies. Kelley, along with piano playing pal Don O'Conner and chorus girl Debbie Reynolds, hatch a plan to once again reshoot the film as a musical, dubbing Hagen's voice with Reynolds.

For me the best part of the film is that the music numbers don't feel forced, just another part of the story, so breaking in to song or dance just feels like that is where the movie's going. Since its a movie about a musical, it all fits. Kelley is at his best in numbers like Singin' in the Rain, and the grand finale, Gotta Dance, which builds on the work he started in An American in Paris. Singin' in the Rain isn't a great musical, it's a great film, and one of my all time favorites. Check it out.

End of Line.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thought Balloon

Hey all,

Hope you had a great Christmas! This was a different Christmas for me not having family around on the holidays. This was the first year that neither my mom or dad was in town and it felt kind of odd not seeing either of them. My brother did stop by for about 10 minutes, but he has pretty much cemented all of his holidays with his fiancee, which made me the odd man out.

I did appreciate the Christmas dinner invite over to my roommates brother. Danny's house. He used to be my roommate before he met his wife and I consider him a good friend. I didn't know what I was going to do and it was nice to be welcomed so.

It's strange to think of so much of my family moving on, and I feel like I'm still the same. I don't know what the future holds, and I don't know what my role will be. I just keep on trudging along waiting for my turn.

At any rate I did have a great time spending my Christmas with my friends, many of whom are just as close to being my family as my actual members. Thank you all for the warmth and spirit you've shown me, at a time when the the cold of winter seeps in the deepest.

End of Line.

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Christmas

Hey all,

Been working on a Holiday poem for a few days now. I really tried to create a poem that evoked traditional Holiday tones. Something more along the classical Christmas songs and stories from the 50's and 60's. Not exactly breaking new ground, but Christmas is such a traditional Holiday I wanted to really try to recreate those feelings you had when you were younger. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas

The snow had fallen in the whitest of sheet.

As my family did gather together wholly complete.

They arrived to my home bundled up warm,

As carolers came by with songs to perform.

We trimmed the tree and decorated with lights,

The children running about with heartfelt delights.

Stockings were stuffed with candy and toys,

Presents were wrapped to spread the yuletide joys.

The decorations were hung all over the house.

Enough to inspire even the grinchiest of grouse.

Mistletoe dangled under each door,

As we kissed and laughed about Holidays before.

Father sat by the fire and read Christmas tales,

Telling those stories with vivid details.

Mother in the kitchen baking a feast,

Ten kinds of cookies were served in the least!

Throughout the year my family may drift away,

But we always come together on this special day.

As my Christmas came to its long end,

I realized the greatest gift is family and friend.

End of Line.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Movie Review: National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Hey all!

Three Fridays in a row have resulted in new movies for me, and I am continuing my grinching ways with new movies. National Treasure 2 was a movie I was oddly looking forward to. I am admittedly not a fan of Nic Cage, with his ever changing hairline and odd takes on characterization. The first National treasure was a surprise like for me, having all the puzzle solving and action that I wanted from The Da Vinci Code. That was a movie that failed to really make the compelling story from the book translate. National Treasure took a great puzzle and wrapped some pretty fantastic big budget fun behind it. Though kind of unbelievable, the first film stayed in a form of reality that we related to and gave us a fun group of heroes, and a well acted bad guy in Sean Bean.

National Treasure 2 uses the same formula, but leaves a lot unanswered. The premise of the film finds Nic Cage's character estranged from his girlfriend, Abby, and getting one of his ancestors declared a Civil War hero. When Ed Harris' character brings proof from a lost page of John Wilkes Boothe diary implicating Cage's ancestor in the assassination, Cage must prove his families innocence. Teaming up with his ex and best friend Riley, Cage sets out to find the Presidents book of secrets, a secret diary containing a part of a map to the fabled lost city of gold.

The plots ans action adventure are all very familiar from the first movie, which is okay, but they never really resolve some of the issues, such as actually proving his ancestors innocence, instead everything works out by the discovery of the treasure. Cage is passable in his role, but the film lacks in the supporting cast. Cage's girlfriend, played by Diane Kruger, loses some of the spirit she had in the first film by not really recapturing the sexual tension that made their banter so enjoyable before. Also Ed Harris comes across as more menacing than Sean Bean's baddie in the first, but not quite so charming. Riley, played by Justin Bartha does provide much welcomed comic relief though.

Overall the film is average. It doesn't live up to the fun and adventure of the original, but it is passable. My recommendation is a rental on DVD. Hopefully I will be able to post on Walk Hard and Sweeney Todd this week, and be on the lookout for my Christmas poem either Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.

Friday, December 21, 2007

True Story Time!

Hey all,

As most of my good true stories have been told, though I am sure I am probably forgetting some, I did think this quick tale deserved a mention.

This year, as well as last year, I have been asked to play Santa Clause for 6 of our local McDonalds. I've got the nice suit and I am also the only heavy set white dude that can pull it off. I said sure, I have always liked Christmas time and it does make me feel good to see those kids faces light up.

I will say that my Ho Ho Ho sounds suspiciously like the Santa from that great holiday movie, Christmas Story. Very deep and pronounced. So anyway, its been kind of hit and miss at a lot of these stores, either very busy or very dead. Last night I had a lot of kids initially, but after the first half an hour it was slow. These same two Hispanic girls kept coming up to me and talking to me. I did a pretty good job deflecting questions about my reindeer and where Rudolph was, but i hit a bit of a snag when they asked me how I fit down the chimney.

I told them that I had magic dust that allows me to do that. The girl's face goes white as a sheet. She says," Magic! Noooooo you are a demon!" Then goes running towards her Mom. The next kid after that pooped on my leg. Yeah... pooped on my leg. I mean he had pants on and it didn't get on me, but you could feel him pooping. Merry Christmas to me.

End of Line.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Family Guy - best of herbert

Just Wanted to repost this clip of creepy old Herbert the pervert from Family Guy. A sick and funny character. Jst like I like them!

End of Line.

Flash Fiction: Under A Dead Sun

Episode 4:

Katee kissed Billy, a deep urgent kiss, a kind that she hadn't given in a long time. Billy pulled her tightly in his embrace, reveling in her warmth. The cold air seeped through the thin walls of the farrier's stable, and you could still hear the groans of the undead below them. Billy lay arm in arm with Katee, looking at her in the low light of the solitary lantern that illuminated the hayloft.

"What are we gonna do Billy?"

"We sure as hell can't stay here much longer. The longer we stay to ground, the more' o them things will sure show up."

Billy looked at their meager weapons cache, his Colt, with maybe 5 or 6 spare rounds, and the Winchester. Katee had the scattergun, but it only had 1 shell left. Billy peered over the edge of the hayloft, at the growing number of undead. He then looked to the loading window of the hayloft, and the pulley that ran the spare bales up to the loft.

"Katee, grab the Winchester and move towards the window. Reckon its time we do something a mite drastic."

With that Billy grabbed the spare can of kerosene and starting shaking it out over the side of the hayloft. When it get low he threw the can over the side, listening to the dull thud as it hit the hay strewn floor. Billy grabbed the scatter gun and took aim.

"Hold tight Katee."

End of Line.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Movie Review: I am Legend

Hey all,

I managed to catch I Am Legend over the weekend and I really came to realize two things. One, that it has been a long while since I caught a huge blockbuster on opening night. That place was so place was so packed that we had to trade our tickets in for a later showing just to get seats that allowed us to see the screen! The Second thing I learned is that everyone is probably right about me, I'm a movie Grinch because I didn't like it.

As I get older, there are simply less and less movies I find myself enjoying, whether that is a result of age and not understanding current movie going trends, or having a better understanding of movies having seen so many, or simply appreciating the quality films that came before and current films not living up to the hype. It saddens me because I love going to the movies, the theatre experience is great. I just seem to find so many movies lacking in depth and substance. I know there are quality blockbusters that can be made, I've seen them! Unfortunately, I am Legend is not one of them.

Will Smith plays a military scientist, the last man on earth, living at the ground zero point of a disease that turned the worlds population into sort of zombie vampires. They can only come out at night and need blood to survive. He lives in a fortified home in New York City, stocked with supplies and a laboratory where he continues his experiments in curing the disease. He and his only companion, a German Shepard, prowl the city by day looking for supplies and hunting game. He eventually comes into contact with another human after three years of being alone and trues ti save them from the nocturnal infected.

I think Legend comes out strong with top notch effects and story telling, the way that New York looks, abandoned and desolate with weeds overgrowing is awesome. Smith also does a pretty good job of keeping you interested in his character as the only character in the movie for the first hour or so. What I didn't like was the plotting of the film, they start out good, but they don't really amp up any action or drama. From the previews I thought I would get Will battling more creatures, but that doesn't really happen until the end. Overall I thought the pacing and plotting were kind of vanilla. The worst part of the movie is the creatures themselves. They are animated badly, looking like they belong more on the sci-fi channels movie of the week than a multi-million dollar budget film.

One other thing that I didn't like were the creatures behaviors. All through the movie Smith keeps talking about how the monsters are mindless with no social patterns or anything, just base instinct. Yet in the movie one monster repeatedly demonstrates behavior that proves against this. Like when Will gets stuck in a trap just like the ones he uses to catch infected in for his testing. Did he get stuck in a trap he made? Or are the infected smarter than we are lead to believe? They never really answer that.

All in all I wouldn't say I am Legend was bad, just kind of a generic blockbuster movie. Will Smith isn't bad, I simply wanted a bit for flash in the film. A wow moment where you can get excited for the movies hero. Instead you get a vanilla movie with an unsatisfying ending. There are worse ways to spend 2 hours, but I would hold out for a rental. Thanks for reading.

End of Line.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 3

Billy Oates was good and fucked. He had just planted two rounds of scatter shot into that things chest and it still kept coming at him. Billy jacked the two sepnt cartdiges out and reached into his shirt pocket for some more. He quickly chambered the rounds as the thing pulled in closer. He could smell it's fetid breath as the creature began to engorge his mouth.

Billy rammed the end of the scatter gun into the creatures maw and let fly with both barrels. Brains and other slimy fluids sprayed over the barn wall and back into Billy's hair. Finally the creature fell to the ground and stopped moving. Billy loaded his last two shells and poked the body. He sure didn't know what that things was, but he figured he better find his brother Warren, and make for town. Surely the Sherriff or old Boothe would have some answers.

He glanced up at the sky, looking for the sunrise that should have been here by now, and started thinking that he may still be good and fucked.

End of Line.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Final Farewell

Hey all,

Here is a poem that I wrote in about a 10 minute span. Sometimes when I can't get my head around something to write it gets frustrating. This poem was an attempt to write a stream of conscious poem, no set patterns or theme, just typing on the keyboard and reading what comes out. It's really just writing and not thinking, hopefully it's somewhat of a success. I think thematically when I do something so stream of conscious, I am going to fall into familiar territory with my poetry, the recurring themes of loss, abandonment, death, forlorn love... What would be even better is if you all aren't tired of reading that stuff after a year yet. Anyway, thanks for reading and I will try to post another chapter of flash fiction soon, along with some movie updates over the weekend. Thanks for reading.

Final Farewell

Fragile thing now brittle, break,

A private matter that you did take.

An only love that comforts me,

A missing sight that only I can see.

This day so long that time escapes,

Taking on such varied shapes.

Left behind as your beyond,

Waiting for that sweet respond.

Seem so lost yet not forgot,

A slow to decay unto this dulling rot.

A savage blow that rendered deep.

When opened up to dismal seep.

Spread so wide for all expose,

All that's left a last repose.

Carry this until I'm no more,

Once so rich but now so poor.

Every time I said goodbye,

A little more inside did die.

Until what's left an empty shell,

Giving you this final farewell.

End of Line.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flash Fiction: Under A Dead Sun

Episode 2

Katee Sinclair's skirt had been pulled over her head, and she slid it back into place with an practiced motion. She rolled the greasy drunk off of her and slid out of bed, stuffing the coins thrown on the table down her blouse. She reached over to her small clutch and pulled out a smoke she had rolled earlier, lighting a match off the worn bedpost.

Katee moved towards the window, it had been a long night and she was looking forward to the sunrise. She took a long drag and pulled the flimsy curtain to the side, searching for the sunrise. She was fairly surprised to see it still dark outside, her appointments were well regulated by the saloon's owner, Boothe, and by her count it should be getting light outside. She gave another tired sigh and stomped her cigarette out. Then she headed towards the wash basin and pitcher, cleaning herself up for her next client.

Just as she started pouring the water in, Katee heard two loud shots from the saloon, and the sounds of cursing. She quickly moved to the door and peered out, and gave a deathly shriek, as a yellow skinned man turned to face her, entrails hanging from the hole that use to be his stomach. He started to move toward Katee, mouth stretching open wide, hands ending in blackened claws. That's when Katee realized she was going to die.

End of Line.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flash Fiction: Under A Dead Sun

Episode 1

Warren strained against the thing's gaping maw. It's mouth stretched abnormally wide, yellowed fangs dripping blood and saliva. Pushing with his forearm underneath the creatures chin, he desperately clutched for his pistol, knocked from his hand when the beast sprung from the darkened barn.

The creature pressed down on him, Warren's strength waining. In desperation he pulled his feet under him, rolling backwards to align his spurred boots with the beast's neck. He kicked out, a rich black ochre of blood fountaining from it's torn throat. Yet still the beast pushed down, making no sound other than the gurgle from his shredded neck. In a final act of salvation, Warren rolled the creature to his side and kicked out again, pulling his legs in close and uncoiling in one quick violent motion. Without the creature's weight upon him, he gained a few precious seconds.

Warren hurriedly stumbled toward his gun, just a few feet away. A maniacal grin crossed his face as his finger closed on the trigger, the smooth pearl handle in his grasp. Just as he turned to the creatures, he felt it's vice like grip around his head, and the last thing he saw was that terrible mouth opening wide.

End of Line.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey all,

I finished the poem I have been working on the past 2 days. It's an attempt to use a style I used a few months back by using the same three letters to start each word of each couplet. I find it a challenging style to work in and usually enjoy the effort. Though this month has found my poetry a bit harder to come by. Hopefully the next day or so will see another attempt at flash fiction, thanks for reading.


Till sooner moments bring us close,

Fill these pages with words verbose.

There's so much that I wish to tell,

That words or letters will fail to impel.

Truly such matters do pale in compare,

As my true feelings' expression now laid to share.

Taking special measures of your affections,

Have marked me surely with love's afflictions.

Touching soft memories cemented in thought.

Treasured forever in both heart and mind caught.

These sudden minutes that that fill my day,

When errant thoughts of you pass my way.

Ticking seconds marked in time,

Burning emotion growing towards it's prime.

Tender sweet mercies visited upon me,

Your perfection of form an epiphany.

The sound multiplied of burning passion's beat.

A heart overfilled with a love so complete.

This special missive that here I shall swear.

A promise for now and forever your love to bear.

End of Line.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Assorted Nuts

Hey all,

Wanted to post just a quick update today to fill you in on where I am at. Writing has been a bit of a problem lately, the poetry feeling forced and kind of tired. I have one poem that I started today and I am hoping a fresh approach tomorrow will yield a finished result. I also plan on trying to write a holiday theme towards the end of the month for Christmas, or at least the winter feelings. Perhaps also something for the New Year. Good poetry goals this month.

Concerning my Flash Fiction attempts, so far I have written two stories more along the lines of the kind of poetry I write, Hopefully my future efforts will be more action fiction oriented, as I really want to write a disjointed horror western tale. Telling bits and pieces of the story out of order, that read as a whole kind of tell a bigger one. Kind of an ambitious project but we will see if I am up to the task throughout the coming year.

In writing the fiction tales I probably won't have a lot of precursor to them, just writing the stories and leaving them as they lie. The last story element came from the actual first smell of winter that I had earlier this week. The smell where you know the cold is coming. As opposed to much of my poetry where I put my intentions on the precursor, to tell you my mindset, I want the stories to be taken at face value, and if I feel like talking about where they came from I may do that in an addendum post.

Anyway, be on the lookout for more updates this week, as over the next two weeks I get to play Santa Claus several times I am sure a good story or two should show up. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Flash Fiction 2

I pulled the coat tighter around my collar, trying to stave off the bitter chill that filled the air. It had started to smell of winter a few days earlier and the first real frost of the year had settled in. I looked around me at the group of people, all dressed in heavy woolen sweaters and gloves and wondered what to do next.

It didn't seem possible that only a few days had passed since the accident, since the day I first smelled winter. Yet the days had turned to a blur and things that used to seem important seemed less so. My days passed in a haze, making important decisions that only I was qualified to make, yet not recalling any of the answers I gave. The only constant that I could remember was the guilt. The guilt and the smell of winter.

Thousands of unsaid questions lay on my lips, thousands of curses and blaming accusations rested on my mind. Yet the only answer I received were the ones from the mirror, from myself. Blame and hatred, and the guilt.....and the smell of winter.

I dropped the sole white rose onto her open grave as I walked away. Leaving behind all those things unsaid as the first snow fell upon my shoulders.

End of Line.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Movie Review: The Golden Compass

Hey all,

Caught the Golden Compass this past Friday. This is the movie I was most looking forward to this Christmas season amid all the holiday releases. Based on a great trilogy of books by Phillip Pullman, The Golden Compass had what I thought to be the best chance at creating another series like Harry Potter. There are similarities but I thought that the books did a good job of separating themselves and creating a new experience in a fantasy based world that wouldn't be the same as the Potterverse.

My feelings towards the movie tend to run to indifferent. It wasn't bad per say, but I don't feel like the really captured the feeling of the novel. I should probably mention that they totally cut out the anti-religion angle the books run, creating a sort of faceless evil organization as the bad guys. The movie moves at such a breakneck pace they don't slow down enough to get into a lot of character development. Which I think is important when your protagonist is a girl who constantly lies about things who discovers the ability in herself to unlock answers of truth. Her metamorphosis is kind of squashed in this film as they are trying to get so many other elements of the story in.

They do get the main gist of the book adapted to the screen, all the major plot points which I approved of. I wish it would have been a little longer to help flesh out the characters a bit more. The film clocks in at under 2 hours, and I think with a 2 hour 20 min running time it would have done a lot more for my tastes.

That being said the casting is superb. Nicole Kidman is perfect as the the head of the evil organization, cold and ruthless with just the right amount of feeling for the heroine, Lyra. Daniel Craig as Lyra's guardian uncle, plays the rough and independent free thinker. These two roles I though were done great, as in the book you get little information on Craig's character, and Kidman nailed her role perfectly. Dakota Blue Richards, a newcomer, plays the heroine and hers is the one they needed to slow down on. She moves so quickly from one plot point to the next, you don't get to know her. The supporting cast is pretty solid, Sam Elliot as the American airship cowboy, Ian McKellen voicing the guardian ice bear, with additional voicing by Ian McShane and work by the great Christopher Lee. Eva Green plays a witch in the film that helps Lyra, and fleshing her role and the role of the witch's in general was another area I though they cut into to much.

The basic outline of the film is that Lyra, a young girl, attends classes at a college. After helping to foil an assassination attempt on her uncle, she learns of his quest to break the barrier between this world and other parallel worlds. Her uncle bids her to stay behind where she is apprenticed (more or less) to Nicole Kidman's character. After their relationship goes sour she discovers who has been kidnapping local children and vows to save her friend, journeying to the frozen north to confront the organization. One of the cooler ideas in the film is that each person has a daemon familiar, and animal companion that is the embodiment of your soul and conscious. As you grow older your daemon stops changing animal forms chooses one form to stay in.

All in all the Golden Compass is a movie. It's not great but not terrible. I do hope it does well enough to get the sequel going. My recommendation is to wait for DVD. Maybe I am being to hard on the film, but I just wanted it to be better.

End of Line.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flash Fiction

Hey all,

The following is my first attempt at writing flash fiction, a short ..short story that's wrapped up in a few paragraphs, I will post more on my thoughts for this process in my next post, but my intention with these stories is to get straight to the point.

I stood staring out the doorway, something I seemed to do a lot lately. It hadn't been that long since she left, but I could still remember the last thing I said to her. The night had turned cool but I still hung in the doorway. The breeze picking along the overgrown lawn, sending a cool chill up my arms. My hand held her faded old sweater and I lifted it towards my face.

Her scent was already fading from my mind as I inhaled the fabric. Soon I would lose even that. I peered over my shoulder at the darkened living room, picking out all the little things that she had taken, and desolate the fact that all the furniture was still there, the room felt so empty. When she left she took all the things that mattered, all the things that brought this house to life. Now it was just an empty shell, like me.

I tried to summon up those feelings again, even anger or sorrow, but all my tears ran out when she did. Instead I turned back to the inky blackness outside and stared ahead. I'd lost her love,her scent, and myself. All that was left was the waiting.

End of Line.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Hey all,

Today I got to attend my first pro football gamein about 20 years, the Arizona Cardinals vs the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is the team from my youth, as I was born about an hour outside of Cleveland and still have a lot of family there. CLeveland is my team. Now I also root for the Cardinals because they represent my home, where I live and you HAVE to root for the home team.

I went with my friend Stef, who is rooting for the Cards. Now I feel that since Cleveland is my team, I have to root against the home team and cheer my Browns, who are having their first winning season since there re-inception 8 or 9 years ago. The game was excellent to attend, despite the Browns loss. The Browns really beat themselves, turnovers and penalties were costly, and some questionable calling by the officials all led to their defeat, 27 to 21. Not to say that the Cards didn't play great because they did. Cleveland had a last second shot to win the game with a touchdown pass, and as the clock expired, the reciever caught the pass, but was pushed out of bounds. They ruled after a legnthy review that it wasn't a force out and the Cards got the win.

It was exciting all the way through, surrounded by Cardinal fans and talking smack to each other. I was a little surprised by the number of Browns fans out in the stadium. I guess Phoenix is sort of a melting pot of people from all over, part of how we get the rep for not caring about our own teams. I'll definately be a bit horse tomorrow.

I also got my first real look at the new Cardinals staium and it is great. We had great seats on the upper deck along the vistors side right on the 50 yard line. A great view of the field and everything in the stadium is open and clean. Plenty of over priced concession stands (where we both consumed about a foot and a half long chili cheese hot dog). I had a great time and definaley want to go again.

Here's hoping the Browns can pull a win next week.

End of Line.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Assorted Nuts

Happy December!

I find it really weird that the more regular hours I work, like open to 1 or 9 to 5, which result in me getting home earlier, ultimately end up with me posting less. I seem to thrive on the later shifts, posting in the early hours of the morning. I also went off caffeinated sodas last week and its been a struggle. I felt like I had been drinking far to much soda, especially late and I am making an effort to curtail that consumption. I also cut out eating bad at work, sticking with grilled chicken or fruits. That's not to say that I am dieting particularly, just trying to monitor and regulate what I am consuming.

One thing I have noticed is that since I went off caffeine I get tired a lot earlier. I just can't keep up the energy levels that I use to have. Also, my pee is crystal clear, it was kind of surprising not to have that familiar amber hue. Mostly I guess my system is in a detox mode, which is good right? I just wish it wasn't so hard to get off this stuff. It's been two weeks and I already see myself get tired, and angry sometimes. The more I write about it the scarier these things should sound to me. I still want a cola though.

I am targeting my first attempt at some flash fiction this month, as well as an attempt at some holiday poetry. Also perhaps that often promised site overhaul, which should pop up the energy on this. Tomorrow I will post on my visit to the new Cardinals stadium, as this will be my first pro game in almost 20 years. Damn... that makes me old.

End of Line.