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Friday, December 14, 2007

Final Farewell

Hey all,

Here is a poem that I wrote in about a 10 minute span. Sometimes when I can't get my head around something to write it gets frustrating. This poem was an attempt to write a stream of conscious poem, no set patterns or theme, just typing on the keyboard and reading what comes out. It's really just writing and not thinking, hopefully it's somewhat of a success. I think thematically when I do something so stream of conscious, I am going to fall into familiar territory with my poetry, the recurring themes of loss, abandonment, death, forlorn love... What would be even better is if you all aren't tired of reading that stuff after a year yet. Anyway, thanks for reading and I will try to post another chapter of flash fiction soon, along with some movie updates over the weekend. Thanks for reading.

Final Farewell

Fragile thing now brittle, break,

A private matter that you did take.

An only love that comforts me,

A missing sight that only I can see.

This day so long that time escapes,

Taking on such varied shapes.

Left behind as your beyond,

Waiting for that sweet respond.

Seem so lost yet not forgot,

A slow to decay unto this dulling rot.

A savage blow that rendered deep.

When opened up to dismal seep.

Spread so wide for all expose,

All that's left a last repose.

Carry this until I'm no more,

Once so rich but now so poor.

Every time I said goodbye,

A little more inside did die.

Until what's left an empty shell,

Giving you this final farewell.

End of Line.

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