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Monday, February 14, 2011

Poetry: Valentine's Day

Hey all,

It's been quite a while since I blogged, and really I have no valid excuse. Ever since I moved I just haven't found the motivation. I did sit down today and start to wok on a poem and it came pretty easy. I am hoping that I can use this success to site, my writing back into some meager semblance of shape.

Below is a Valentine's Day poem, something of lost love and heartache. It's hard being alone on this day, it's usually a day where I find myself kind of sad and introverted. I tried to foster some of these feelings into the poem. Enjoy the poem as you will. I'll try to police myself better to offer more output in the coming days.

Valentine's Day

Time has turned, the future past.

Today won't stay, never last.

The breaking dawn will turn to dusk,

As the horizon sheds its rotting husk.

The change occurs, it cannot stay,

As all tommorrows become yesterdays.

Looking at all the time left behind,

The past seems longer and more unkind.

Places you've been are but a thought,

Where you're going, you've never sought.

Future days seem shorter then,

As the known outweighs the unbegan.

And when you look into the rear,

All you see are dashed hope and fear.

The failures seem to weigh much more,

As the triumphs feel but tender sores.

Your hindsight seems to capitalize,

On all the things you thought you'd try.

And as you hope to change your fate,

The times not left, you're out of dates.

Flowers crushed, bound in book,

A withered love that time has took.

Crumpled poems tossed to flame,

The burning love snubbed by blame.

Pictures taken of love brand new,

Now yellow and faded, cast astrew.

Another Valentine's Day has come around,

But here we wait, our love aground.

End of Time.