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Thursday, February 28, 2008

What Lies Ahead

Hey all,

One more post before the end of the month, and I wrote a poem. I had to go into work last night and nothing is more dis-spiriting than really looking forward to having a day off and then having to go into cover for someone. Anyway I showed up to work and pretty much knocked out my night, and found myself with about 45 minutes of free time between orders. I wrote this poem there and I think you can probably see the inspiration for the poem. It's not the first time I wrote a poem on this subject matter and I remember really liking it last night. I am not so sure I feel the same way about it today but I am going to post anyway. I'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad on the poem.

As always thanks for taking the time to read me.

What Lies Ahead

Try so hard to make it all right,

Give so much every day and night.

Why do I push to the point of break,

How can I give more when I need to take?

Every day is such a fight.

Only see the darkness in the light.

Smiles through the hurt seem so fake,

Everything inside died from heart's forsake.

Weakness betrays my will to give in,

Apathy's victory still convents in sin.

Can't seem to find what lies ahead,

When I can't tell what's still alive or dead.

Hot to the touch, yet grown cold within,

Where life seems lush, an empty chagrin.

Lost and alone, unknowingly led,

Question's to ask now gone unsaid.

Anger and passion cede and I no longer cared,

When once hot emotion's rule was never dared.

Long ago did blood burst within my vein,

'Till oppression's fist overwhelmed it's reign.

Now I dread day's start; alarmed, bewared.

As life and love come no longer paired.

Broken struggles carry on in vain,

And all that's left is regret and pain.

End of Line.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 14

Reny Cargill bolted the door shut and ran up the back stairs of the store. His family were lived on the top floor of his store and he had to see thier faces, after knowing what he saw he had to make sure they were safe. His wife, Elma, was nursing the baby, and young Claire was playing with her doll.

"Why Reny, what's the matter?"

"NO TIME ELMA! Get the kids and lock the bedroom door, I just seen something no man should see!"

"What are you talking about Reny? You're scaring me..."

Reny grabbed Elma by the arms and looked into her eyes. His face was white and covered in sweat. "The sky has turned to night and somehow the dead have risen. God's wrath is truning on us for our sins."

"Reny, you can't be serious...."

Reny walked over to the door that led to the store's rooftop balcony, and pulled it open. "Look for yourself Elma."

Elma walked out onto the balcony, the look of shock and fear slowly creeping into her face. She stood under the darkened sky, watching as the dead moved into the city, attacking whomever got to close, ripping into the flesh and consuming the living. Elma held the baby tighter as Reny pulled her back into the house.

"Judgement day is here."

End of Line.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wrestling With the Past

Hey all,

Several years ago I use to be big into the pro-wrestling scene. As with aspects of my personality, when I get into something I usually do all I can to find out the most about it. I watched pretty religously for about 6 or 7 years, 1997 to about 2004 or 2005, when my work schedule changed and I had to work Mondays.

Typically I get into something, obsess on it for a period of time, then faze out, such as the case with Star Wars, wrestling, collectable card games, anime, the list is long with the only constant comics. Hell I even figure at some point my vinyl toy fixation will go the same way.

That being said, my assistant manager Edwin is a HUGE wrestling fan, a real mark so to say, and occasionally we talk about wrestling and such as its his passion and I am knowlegable on the subject. Well Monday night WWE Raw was in Phoenix and he gave me his spare ticket to go with him. It's been quite a while since I attended a live show, but I will say that Raw had a great card for us to watch. What got me into wretsling wasn't so much the spectacle or gimmicks, but the athetic ability and skill that went into choreographing a compelling match. During my hey day I had the oppertunity to see pretty much all the big names in action, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Mick Foley, The Rock, the Undertaker, Ric Flair, Sting, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, as well as some of my personal favorites, like Chris Jericho, Scott Hall, and a great independant PPV of the original ECW.

The one guy I never saw wrestle though was my favorite wrestler, Shawn Michaels. Happily I got to rectify that on Monday when he wrestled live, in a one of one match. The undercard was pretty good as Jericho also took on Jeff Hardy, a pretty solid high flyer, in a fun match. Triple H also wrestled in a tag match with some of the WWE's new big talent, like John Cena (who recently starred in the movie The Marine) Randy Orton ,and another neophile Kennedy.

Mostly it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the oppertunity to reconnect with the old excitment. Any time you attend a live event the crowds are always get me pumped up. It was also cool hanging out with Edwin outside of the grind and to see how infectous his passion was for the event. I had a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe I'll even start setting the DVR back up to record it.

End of Line.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hey all,

Sorry for the few day gap in posting. Friday and Saturday were big inspection days at work and that has preoccupied a lot of my time. Haven't slept much, just working straight through. Thursday was a good day though, as I got to attend a launch trading party at a vinyl and urban toy store, called Red Hot Robot.

I don't know if I have mentioned the newest mania to sweep through my life, and many of my friends, is the urban vinyl toy craze. Many artists and creators are contacted hrough an array of companies, to take a standard design or shape, and to make it there own, through paint, plastics, or whatever. Many of these "toys" are really small pieces of artwork and look awesome. The biggest craze come from a company called Kid Robot, through there dunny line. Kid Robot has released about 10 series of these toys, using different artists and themes, and Thursday saw the lastest release, the French series.

First off, having bought so many of these it was great to be at a launch day trading party, the small establishment was packed with people buying cases of these things. Between my room mate Jason and myself, we have about 14 of the 19 released, so it was a great oppertunity. We also got a line on two older series that both of us had really liked for the collection. I am still actively searching for the one out of the series I didn't get, but I am confident I can find it.

You see, one of the exciting, and sometimes frustrating, things about these toys is that they are blind boxed and assorted different. You buy the box not knowing which design you will get, sometimes that leads to extras, but with assortments on design ranging from 3 in 25 to 1 in 400, you never know what you will get.

We've even taken our habit into Ebay, scouring the web for deals on older releases that we like. What sold me on the collection was knowing that one of my favorite artists, Tara McPherson, had designed some made me look into it more after Jason's original discovery. This lead to discovering more artists I like, such as Joe Ledbetter, Frank Kozik, and many others. I've posted an image so that you can take a look at them. Series Four, with packaging artwork by Tara McPherson, contained work by all of the artist's I mentioned and is one of the strongest in the series.

There are many different types of vinyl toys, find the series that you like, some artists even have there own series to themselves. The next step is creating our own designs on Do-It-Yourself versions.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

End of Line.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull HD Teaser

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on television today, then had to rewatch the trailer for the new film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Yeah, I'm officially excited!

End of Line.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 13

Barry Crouch watched as the stranger ripped into Boothe's throat, his clawed hands tearing into his chest and stomach. He could hear the slurping and crunching of blood and bone as the man worked into the barkeep's neck. Barry was still watching as his partner Deke reached for his pistol, an old long barreled Navy revolver, and cracked two shots into the stranger's back.

The man spun from Boothe, his face covered in blood and flesh, gore running down his mouth. He advanced towards Deke, seeming impervous to the bullet wounds in his back. Deke grabbed a wicked Bowie knife from the sheathe on his hip. The stranger continued towards him, raising his pointed fingers. Deke darted forward and jammed the sharp blade into it's stomach, letting out a horrible roar as he twisted the blade back and forth.


Still the man seemed to not notice, taking the oppertunity in close to gouge out Deke's eyes, dark blood spurting over it's face. Deke let out a scream, releasing the knife. The creature drew it's claws again, across Deke's throat, the scream dying to a slow gurgle. He began to feed upon Deke, as Barry sat there, unable to move.

That's when it saw Katee in the doorway.

End of Line.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Line Up

Hey all,

Good news this week as the Writer's Guild of America returned to work on Wednesday, ending the 100 plus day strike. This means that many televsion shows will be returning before summer break to film additional episodes!

Some of my favorite programs, such as Lost, Battlestar Galactica, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother will return to production. Some shows will remain on hiatus until the fall season, like Chuck and Heroes. A few even got the axe, such as Bionic Woman and Journeyman. I'm sorry to see Journeyman go, but at least knowing that some of these programs are returning sooner than anticipated. Lost was projected to run 2 more 16 episode seasons and are keeping that commitment. Tentatively planning for 6 to 7 more shows, producers have promised to make up for the shortene episodes the following season. The Office, How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, and other sitcoms are also planning 6 to 8 additional episodes.

Battlestar Galactica was also planned to run 2 additional seasons of around 16 to 20 episodes per season. Season 4 will drop early April and run through the already shot shows, and tentativly plan to break for around a month, then start up with the remaining 8. Season 5 will most likely come around April of 2009.

My new favorite, Pushing Daisies will also return in the fall for a full season. The fates of many animated programs, such as The Simpsons and Family Guy are unknown as they still have original content to air.

The biggest concern now for movie and televison fans is the possibilty of an actor's strike in June. The Screen Actor's Guild, like the Writer's Guild of America, is also up for contract negotiaion. Many actors are already clamoring for a quick resoltion to prevent another strike, similar to what the Director's Guild of America did at the beginning of the year before thier contract was up. Personally, I do not see a holdout, people have already seen the early effects of the writer's strike and won't want more people to lose income, as well as the potential box office losses that could be effected in 2009.

If I missed a show you want to know about hit me up in the comments section. I'll drop whatever knowlege I can find for you. As always, thanks for reading.

End of Line.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Word Balloon: Y the Last Man

Hey all,

In thinking about another post for the week, I thought that I may take last month's Word Balloon column and do it monthly, recommending great reads in the comic and fiction literature world. I love reading and my love of comic books has been around since I was very young. I was already a pretty heavy reader when I got my first comic at 10 years old, a habit almost 22 years old. So much of fiction and comic books in particular get a bad rap as children’s fare, or immature material that many may pass up these graphic novels. To do that is to miss some truly great writing.

This month I thought to recommend a recently completed series, Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man. A comic book about a lone male and his pet helper monkey that survive a world wide plague that kills all male life on Earth. The main hero, Yorick Brown only wants to find his girlfriend, Beth, last known to be studying wildlife in the Australian Outback, but being the last man has its price. Assigned a bodyguard, codenamed 355, the two of them along with Dr. Allison Mann, a geneticist, must figure out how Yorick survived the plague and how to propagate the species before they can complete Yorick's quest.

In the course of 60 issues, all but the final arc (available mid-June) available in trade paperback form, creators Vaughn and Guerra deal with a myriad of issues. From the women of the Middle East breaking generations of cultural gender roles, hell all of the world breaking gender roles, to looking at the temptations of the Hero's quest and the ethics and effects of cloning. Though the book is centered on the last man, it's really the women of the world who grow and change the most, some finding strength they though they lacked, some giving into their own demons. The book starts with a bang and ends with one too.

It was bittersweet to see this series close, I felt it was perhaps the strongest comic book on the market, super hero or not. You really begin to care about the characters and about what happens to them, and the trials they face. My favorite character, Yorick's sister (named Hero) carried a transformation through the series to truly live up to that name that I thought was a great end.

Vaughn ends the series with a flash forward, 60 years after the events of the penultimate issue previous, and it works, seeing the full scope of what happens to everyone is kind of sad and poignant. It's due to this series that Vaughn got brought on board to script and produces the hit show Lost, so you know he has the credentials. I cannot recommend this book enough, start with the first trade, Y The Last Man: Volume 1- Unmanned, published by DC Comics/Vertigo, you will not be disappointed.

End of Line.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Empty Cup

Hey all,

Happy Valentine's Day I guess. This is a holiday that I typically dread each year, a time when I find myself feeling a bit more lonely than normal. I know that I have the ability to make these changes in my life yet I never seem able to get past my own insecurities to do so and the result is typically the same. It's kind of sad to see everyone else so happy and expressing those wishes when you aren't.

Anyway, enough of my that. Last year around this time I was really amping up my blog again and posted a Valentine's Day love poem. This year I thought I would post something a little more appropriate for my situation.

An Empty Cup

Resigned my life to fate today,

Once had venture, but never gain.

Leave myself one final play,

Better alone than face more pain.

I'm giving in and giving up,

The years have passed and I relent.

The half full glass an empty cup,

All my worth hath been spent.

Others come and others go,

Smiles shorn on their glowing face.

But never once did I then know,

How it felt to find that place.

A gentle touch or bearest kiss,

Years gone by without a hint.

Affection shared I'll sorely miss,

Never shaded by a lover's tint.

I built it up within my mind,

So high the truth does pale.

Praying for a return in kind,

When all I found in passing-fail,

Broken down from highest hope,

Softly shed these final tears.

Steeled emotions to lasting cope,

And solely face these lonely years.

Hollowed heart and shallowed soul,

Are all that's left of love's sweet dream.

All the rest's a cold dark hole,

Hardened fast to fate's regime.

End of Line.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 12

Billy reached down and pulled Katee onto the roof of the train. He bent low again to help the Sheriff Root uo next. As Root looked over his shoulder he could see the creatures pounding against the door of the Pullman car, cracks spiderwebbing through the glass window.

The three stayed low as the train barreled down the tracks, as Billy layed out his plan.

"Our only chance is to cut loose the engine and dynamite the tracks behind us. There's too damn many of the creatures in the cars to get'em all. We keep moving forward, check on the conductor, break free the engine, and light the dynamite, and pray ta God. We in agreement?"

Root gave a short nod and Katee flashed him a grim smile. Billy reached out for Katee with his free hand and took hers as they crept forward. Root followed behind, stopping to look at the wound on his arm, already turning black with seepage. Root grimaced and followed, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

End of Line.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Movie Time: Rewind: 1939

Hey all,

Welcome to this months installment of the rewind. Instead of choosing a single actor or film to highlight this month, I thought I would do something a bit different. I am going to place a spotlight on what many people, including myself, believe to be Hollywood's greatest year, 1939. The sheer number of excellent films to come out in this year has eclipsed all others before of since. Called Hollywood's Golden Year, it is truly the peak of cinema's golden age, which started in the early 1930's with the influx of "talkies" and began its slow fade with the introduction of television in the early 1950's.

The studio system was in full effect, with each major studio developing and nurturing it's cavalcade of stars. Studio bosses grooming and accentuating stars talents with fairly complete control, far removed from today’s state of actor free agency.

My intent is to break down each film with a small measure of its significance.

1939 gave us so many great films-

At the Circus- arguably the Marx Bros. last truly great comedy, though they would continue to make films into the 1940's, this represents the last "Must See" Marx. Bros film. It also gave us Groucho's novelty hit, Lydia, the Tattooed Lady.

Dark Victory- Many people consider this Betty Davis' finest performance as a woman facing death and fighting depression to make the most out of life. Also starring Ronald Reagan.

Ingrid Berman made her American film debut with Intermezzo: A Love Story about a violinist who falls for his daughter’s young piano teacher.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was also released this year with Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara. Many critics consider it to be one of the better adaptations of Victor Hugo's novel, despite changing the ending. Laughton and O'Hara also appreared in Alfred Hitchcock's Jamaica Inn in '39. Hitch's last picture from England before moving to America, though this isn't one of his better films.

Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights was also adapted this year, and it is the movie that launched Laurence Olivier's career. Directed by the great William Wyler, it is considered the best version of the book to be adapted to film, despite omitting almost the entire second half of the book. It was nominated for eight Oscars.

Jimmy Stewart had two important films in '39, Destry Rides Again, in which he takes his "everyman" role into the West for the first time as a tough lawman who enforces a lawless town, but doesn't use guns. Also starring Marlene Dietrich.

His other release is one of his more famous roles, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, about a Boy Scout leader who is elected to Senate and fights corruption and dishonesty by believing that one man can make a difference. Directed by the great Frank Capra.

Next up is John Ford who released three great films, the American Revolution epic Drums Along the Mohawk and the under appreciated Young Mr. Lincoln, about the early days of the famous President. Both films would star Henry Ford. This was also the year that John Wayne broke into stardom after years of toiling in "B" Westerns in John Ford's Stagecoach. This film would begin a career long collaboration with the actor and director, and Stagecoach still holds as my second favorite Wayne film.

The Oscar nominated Goodbye, Mr. Chips from England, the life story of a school teacher and all the live he affected through his classes.

This was also the first year that the legendary Greta Garbo appeared in a comedy with Ninotchka. It is also the first film to deliberately criticize the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin.

1939 was an important year for one of my favorite actors, Cary Grant with the release of three films. First, the romantic weepie In Name Only, with Carol Lombard, was familiar territory for Grant having been known mostly in romantic and comedic films previously. It was his other two films, the rough and tumble Gunga Din, co-starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and the Howard Hawks directed Only Angels Have Wings that broke the mold. Gunga Din was about three British sergeants fighting natives in colonial India and was based of the Rudyard Kipling poem. Only Angels Have Wings was about a small group of pilots who deliver mail through the treacherous Alps. These films were the first to cast Grant as a man of action, as an actor of diverse range and were instrumental in honing the image of Cary Grant we have today.

The most important man in 1939 is director Victor Fleming. Though he had experienced mild success before 1939, he would never reach the peaks that this year brought him after it. Fleming is the only director to have 2 films in the American Film Institute's Top 10 All time, giving us the perennial classic, The Wizard of Oz, and the film that won 10 Oscars, the Civil War epic, Gone with the Wind. Ironically, Fleming replaced the same director on both films, George Cukor.

I think The Wizard of Oz is pretty self-explanatory, but the true scope of Gone With the Wind is astounding. The film launched star Vivian Leigh and cemented Clark Gable as the primary leading man in Hollywood. In fact Gable wasn't even under contract to the studio that produced Gone with the Wind, but was loaned out to the producer because no one else was even considered for the role. Accounting for inflation, it is the highest grossing film of all time, surpassing even Star Wars. For me, Gone with the Wind is one of the best movies ever made. Not in terms of rewatchability or acting or anything that you normally enjoy movies for, but for sheer scope and magnitude. There has been nothing like it before or since.

The unsung hero of 1939 may be veteran character actor Thomas Mitchell, who played roles in five films on this list, Gone With the Wind, Only Angels Have Wings, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Stagecoach.

There you have a picture into Hollywood's greatest year. Though I can't claim to have seen all the films listed here, missing Dark Victory, Intermezzo, and Ninotchka I can whole heartedly recommend the rest, particularly Gone With the Wind (if you haven't seen it), Stagecoach and Only Angels Have Wings. Thanks for reading the Rewind.

End of Line.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 11

Billy held her head to his chest and bit back the tears. Why hadn't he been faster, why hadn't he been paying closer attention! It was his own damn fault. He held her tight, not wanting to look again at the torn neck, not wanting to face what he jnew he had to do. It was only a matter of time before turned. There was one thinbg he was certain off, there was no way he'd let that happen.

Billy picked up her body and layed her on the bed. He slowly pulled out his Colt revolver, pulling the bullets from his gunbelt slowly. Each click of the guns cylinder echoed in the room, until he had loaded all six chambers. Billy slowly thumbed back the hammer and placed the barrel against her head.

" I'm sorry I wasn't there for you...."

Billy fired, the gunshout ringing in his ears long after the shot. He stood there over the body, only waked from his revelry by a hand on his shouler.

" It's not yer fault Billy, there were to many of them... there was nothing you could have done."

" That don't make it any easier Katee, how do you tell a man that you put a bullet in his daughters brain?"

End of Line.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Brand New Day

Hey all,

A quick turnaround on another poem this week. I thought about holding off a little to spread out the poetry posts, but I am pretty happy with the outcome of this one. I wrote it during a nine hour long meeting at work, through a series of conferences and such. What resulted is what I feel is the polar opposite of my last poem, Midnight Self. It's my riff on the the possibilites of each new day and what the dawn brings. More specifically, drawing homages to living in the deserts of Arizona. If anything, finding the brightest times of such a sparse environment. Hope you like it.

Oh, and I'd also like to credit my good friend Jason for the inspiration on the origin of Sheriff Root in my Flash Fiction posts. Thanks bro.

A Brand New Day

Horizons break in colored red,

Purple streaks with orange rays led.

Sunrise eclipse dark night's take.

A brand new day begins to break.

The moon and sun still share same sky.

That rarest time wherein both still lie.

Soon the twinkles start to turn,

At sunlights burst to orb's sweet burn.

Warmth seeps to those chilled bones,

Temperate days in this cherished zone.

As desert life wakes to mourning's rise,

And nighttime slumbers in brief demise.

Hazy clouds gather at world's end,

With mountains kiss at valley's rend,

And the craggy peaks loom all around,

Where Heavens and sky kiss the ground.

Here the arid trees in subtle breeze,

Flowered shrubbery sways with ease.

Rocky clefts and low bent dunes,

Greeting peaceful valley is dawn's swoon.

Looking out to fresh faced day,

Possibility and chance ahead that lay.

With each new sun my spirits soar,

Rebirth my soul, at deep set core.

Stains and pain of days past gone,

Soothe the hurts of yesterday does dawn.

Arms spread wide to greet the birthing light,

A perfect day and all feels right.

End of Line.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 10

Sheriff Root tied on his gunbelt and grabbed his rifle off the wall. It was too damn early and he was too damn tired for gunplay from the saloon. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror he had hung off beside the door, he stopped and straigtened his vest.

Root looked more like a banker than a Sheriff, and in fact had been one before the war. Having taken a round to the chest, most doctors were surprised he had even survived. After the war he had headed west for more temperate climates and what doctors had said was an easier environemnt for his weakened lung.

He picked back up his rifle and trotted across the street. It was still to dark but Root was to preoccupied to notice the time. As he crossed he heard more gunshots and quickened his pace.

Root threw the swinging doors wide and cursed. Two people lay on the floor, one of them looked to be the proprietor Boothe, both with their necks torn open. Another two men were fighting, and before he could say anything one man cracked the other across the face with a chair leg. As he fell to the floor, Root watched as the man guts ran out of the gaping hole in his stomach, his mouth streched far to wide to be normal.

"What the fuck happened in here?"

End of line.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Midnight Self

Hey all,

No precursor to this poem, really. It's about losing yourself into the reality around you. Sometimes things seem so bright that you rise above it all, and sometimes you feel so bad that you are just another component in the world around you. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Midnight Self

Darkened skies fall at night,

Nary a star to pull at dimmest light.

Welcoming black to all around.

Lost to all, never now found.

Inky night bleeds within,

Flesh to sky, neither stop nor begin.

Cannot tell where I start or end.

Life or death these parts won't mend.

No more fun to pull the joys,

Of lighter days or brighter toys.

A fragile blur of midnight self,

Spent away my quality and wealth.

Laying down upon my back,

Fringes frayed by depression's attack.

Seek to find the truth of life,

The currency of happiness to tithe.

Fading fast to join the sky,

Simmered times to say goodbye.

Who will miss what wasn't there?

Longing touches or fervent stares?

No one left for me to mourne.

Just as if I hadn't been born.

Feel not pity or return in kind,

Break these shackels of lonly bind.

Give away to freedom's birth,

Covet the night to leave the Earth.

Now the end of grief and pain,

Finally then this hurt to draw abstain.

End of Line.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Line Up

Happy Feburary all!

WOW, already one month down in 2008. I am not even use to calling it 2008 yet and here we are already through Janurary. Sorry about the lack of posting the last few days, I have really been suffering from a bout of writer's block and I just can't seem to find topics to converse about.

I do have to say that as much as I love football, I don't think tomorrows Super Bowl is going to be that good. I am not really a fan of either team, though I guess I am rooting for the New York Football Giants to win. The Patriots are just to damn smug and going completely unbeaten in the season would just add to that factor. I tend to root for underdogs in situations where I don't have a clear cut favorite. If anything the Super Bowl commercials should be enjoyable, I've alread heard rumors of prevews for Iron Man and Wanted debuting on there, so there is that.

On the TV front I have to say that I am enjoying the new Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles more than I would have thought. It's a fun sci fi program that doesn't require the immense backstory that predates so much of my other favorite shows. It doesn't hurt that they have two hot women kicking ass all the time. I do wish that at some point though we have to turn John Conner into a pro active type of fighter. This program, taking place between T2 and T3, may not be the place, but at least glimpes of what is to come would be nice. My only other thing they need to do is be careful of exploiting the time travel aspect too much. Too much messing with continuity will affect both this series and the future movie franchises they have in development. Let's just enjoy and fun program while we still have new episodes.

It also goes without saying that I am glad Lost is back. Easily one of the best shows on TV came back on Thursday with more unanswered questions. I am hoping that this slow build from the first show will give us some good bang for our buck through the next 7. With such a tightly scripted show the shortened season could really hurt the payoff this go around. Ulike Heroes, which re-wrote the final episoe to be a cliffhanger/bookend to accomodate the writer's strike, Lost is staying true to formula. I'm sure I'll have more tocomment on the show as the season rols out. All I do know is that adding flash forwards AND flashbacks will make for some great drama!

Lastly, I finally got my roommate Jason in Battlestar Galactica. The only good thing to come out of the writer's strike is his willingness to watch new programs (because let's face it, there is nothing else on!) Re-watching BSG just reminds me of how well this show is done. Tight scripts with plotlines weaving through multiple seasons, great casting and some of the best season cliffhangers in televison. Jason made a comment about BSG that I found to be totally true. BSG rides that fine line about revealing answers to plot questions better than any other show on TV. Lost holds onto it's questions to long, for every answer you get, you also get two more questions. Heroes doesn't leave you guessing long enough. They are pretty quick with the payouts, moving in a faster plot direction. BSG straddles that line so well. I have so many questions, but they give you just enough to keep you guessing. That is not to say that i don't love Lost or Heroes, they are both some of my favoite programming. I just ove me somne BSG. New episodes are dropping in March, as well as season 3 on DVD. You have plenty of time to catch up at the video store befroe then.

Anyway, I intend to gt to some Flash Fiction in my next post, and as always, thanks for reading. Oh and a quick note.. my spell check is acting buggy again so sorry for any mistakes I may have made.

End of Line.