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Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Empty Cup

Hey all,

Happy Valentine's Day I guess. This is a holiday that I typically dread each year, a time when I find myself feeling a bit more lonely than normal. I know that I have the ability to make these changes in my life yet I never seem able to get past my own insecurities to do so and the result is typically the same. It's kind of sad to see everyone else so happy and expressing those wishes when you aren't.

Anyway, enough of my that. Last year around this time I was really amping up my blog again and posted a Valentine's Day love poem. This year I thought I would post something a little more appropriate for my situation.

An Empty Cup

Resigned my life to fate today,

Once had venture, but never gain.

Leave myself one final play,

Better alone than face more pain.

I'm giving in and giving up,

The years have passed and I relent.

The half full glass an empty cup,

All my worth hath been spent.

Others come and others go,

Smiles shorn on their glowing face.

But never once did I then know,

How it felt to find that place.

A gentle touch or bearest kiss,

Years gone by without a hint.

Affection shared I'll sorely miss,

Never shaded by a lover's tint.

I built it up within my mind,

So high the truth does pale.

Praying for a return in kind,

When all I found in passing-fail,

Broken down from highest hope,

Softly shed these final tears.

Steeled emotions to lasting cope,

And solely face these lonely years.

Hollowed heart and shallowed soul,

Are all that's left of love's sweet dream.

All the rest's a cold dark hole,

Hardened fast to fate's regime.

End of Line.

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