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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Free time

Hey all...

Recently I got bit by the gaming bug again. I tend to go through spurts where I game heavily, then lean into long droughts where I don't game at all. With the exception Of Guitar Hero I and II this past year, I really haven't touched many games, the last one being Kingdom Hearts II last year. Currently though I am playing God of War (One, a little late on the bandwagon there, but I can't wait to beat it to move onto God of War II). Also I am playing Final Fantasy XII ( a solid entry.. but hasn't hooked me as much as 7,8 and 10 did.) Also whenever my roommate is home we are hitting the Ultimate Alliance pretty hard. A fun distraction though I have to wonder in my choice of heroes for the game. Jason tends to like the brawlers, Iron Man, Thor, The Thing and Luke Cage.. all pretty well acceptable characters. My team tends to rotate between Spider-woman, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, Blade and Elektra. All lower tier characters. Spider-man or Wolverine will sometimes get in the mix, but not really. I think when we are done with that I should probably try out those X-Men Legends games, as they are pretty similar in style I am told.

Guitar Hero though always stays pretty close. Its the most singularly addictive game I have ever played. The replay value is immense and I never get tired or it, especially of 2, with personal favorites like Spinal Tap and Strutter from Kiss. My favorite song from the game is FTK by little known Boston punk grrl rockers Vagiant. It even makes me like songs from bands I hate because it makes me think of the game when I hear them on the radio. I am chomping at the bit for GH 3.. this one better have some AC DC though.

Anyway, that's what is occupying what little free time the grind is giving me. Since most of the good TV is in reruns until sweeps, I have to find someway to fill the time. On the plus side Battlestar Galactica, which has been especially solid with these character driven series of episodes the second half of this season, has it's season finale on Sunday. Do yourself a favor. Check it out. Seriously. Hope to post another poem in a day or so.. I am almost done with it.

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Springs Reason

Here's my next poem in what I am hoping will be a series of four. I posted a poem on winter a few months ago and I have been working on this one for a while now. I am still not completely happy with how it turned out. I like these season poems to stay kind of short but I don't feel that this is my strongest effort to date. At the same time I do feel that if you don't have any more to offer the poem, let it stand for what it is.
I am going to try to get working on another one quicker this time.. I have a few concepts all ready to go, its a matter of finding the right couplets.

Anyway, here you go.

Springs Reason

A gathering of green brings this new season.

Life given birth in Springs reason.

Wildlife awakens from their long slumber,

And bright green leaves decorate the budding lumber.

Gathering clouds in the high

Bringing the gray-toned overcast sky.

With it a splattering of rain to wash out the old,

For the blossoming of flowers to foil winter's cold.

Soon the days will start to lengthen,

As the new Season's grip begins to strengthen.

Until that time enjoy the Spring,

As soon it will yield to Summer's ring.

End of Line.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

True Story Time

Hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick's Day weekend. It's always great when St. Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday as you can really cut loose. Whenever any of my friends hit up a bar, we usually go to the same one, Old Chicago. I enjoy going their as they offer a wide variety of beers, usually around a 120 different kinds. This gives me a chance to sample many kinds and I don't have to always get the same thing, though I do tend to drink a lot of Old Milwaukee.

Anyway I had a good time, we were set up on the patio, about 15 of us, so I brought my portable speakers and IPOD so we had music and generally had a great time. Saturday's is usually karaoke there too. When they first started karaoke I usually had to have a few drinks in order to get up the courage to sing as I am seriously monotone and tone deaf, but after having done it so many times I don't need them anymore. I'm horrible but I learned the importance is picking a song in your vocal range that at least the audience will laugh with or join in. Therefore I tend to do Boyz N The Hood by Dynamite Hack or some Bloodhound Gang, even the occasional Johnny Cash. Most of these artists have a low vocal range so I don't sound awful, just bad. It's all in fun anyway so my friends can have a laugh. Boyz N the Hood always gets a good reaction too as an overweight white guy doing a soft rock NWA song is usually funny.

My best (and worst St. Patrick's Day) was last year. We were at the same bar and my good friend Bill and his wife were hanging out with me. Bill's fiancee at the time had invited a co-worker over. You know, when you watch TV or movies, you always see or hear about those super-hot lesbians, but few exist out here in the wild. You always know a guy who's brother knew one or something. Well, this co-worker was in fact a super hot lesbian. She was funny too and the four of us had a great time. We also drank a whole lot.. I mean a lot. Its a good thing at the time that Bill lived like across the street from the bar, you literally went across the street and made a right. So we were drinking green beer and mixing shots and while I was drunk, I was defiantly in the best shape of all of us, my threshold for alcohol is pretty high. We all decide that we should crash at Bill's. As the gentleman, and most sober(though that's saying little), I insist that our fine lesbian take the spare bed. She absolutely refuses claiming she wants the couch. I finally relent and crash. Not 5 minutes has passed when I hear a knocking at my door. I'm down to my boxers ( I can't sleep otherwise!) and I open the door to find a naked lesbian asking if she can sleep in the bed as she just went vomited all over the couch and her clothes. Why the underwear was off I just count as a blessing. I tuck her in and through her clothes in the washing machine and tried to clean up as best as I could. She had washed off before waking me.

Now is the part where I am a stupid fucking idiot. Instead of crashing back in the bed, I sleep on a love seat as I didn't want to take advantage of the situation. What was I thinking?!?!?! I could have slept in the same bed as a super hot drunk lesbian! The invite would have been there as there was nowhere to sleep. I didn't sleep a wink that night, the self-loathing and regret not surfacing until the morning when my thoughts were clearer. Alas that was the last time I saw my super hot lesbian. Bill's fiancee and her had a bit of a falling out over the fact that she puked so much she ruined the couch (they steam cleaned it and it still smelled) and she took a transfer to the farm belt somewhere. Alas I will always have that memory, of the time a super hot naked lesbian slept in my bed. If only I had been a part of it. Truly my greatest regret. I like to think that I could have powered through the Roman Shower aspect of the sleeping.. a little vomit, so what.. she was super hot!!

One day, maybe I can make it right....but what guy like me gets 2 chances at greatness?

End of Line.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From the Sickbed

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and my ass has really been dragging. The weird thing about the people in my family is that we hate to miss work. My Dad always said that if someone pays you to do a job you should do it. I've also always felt that its not fair to your co-workers to make them work harder because you can't pull your own end. So I continue to work my days at the store, but by the time I have come home at night I am usually so flushed and weak that I haven't had to much energy left.

My boss and I finally got into an argument and I went to the doctor the other day who told me that I have pneumonia. I'm on some medication now and I am starting to feel better, though I think that just having the day off has been a bigger aide in my recovery. I just feel so damn guilty calling out of work that I can't bring myself to do it. My brother, who just overcame the flu, worked through his sickness, that's just the way we are. Hell, I figured that it was the flu when I got sick and that I caught it from him. Well, the important thing is that I am feeling better and getting back into the flow.

In feeling better I did go to the movies last night and saw 300. I really enjoyed this movie! The visual style of the movie is great, I am almost a little sad that it did better in its first weekend than Sin City did in its entire run though., Both films were based on the same creator's, Frank Miller, graphic novels. Though it does bode well for that Sin City sequel. 300, though, has everything great about Gladiator, and nothing horrible like Troy. It's a modernized sword and sandals movie with a rock soundtrack, full of violence and nudity, what every growing boy wants. If you liked Sin City or really wanted Troy to be better than it was, I promise you will like this movie.

I also picked up some DVD's just as I was getting sick, The Prestige and Borat... both films I really loved. I saw Borat with my Dad in the middle of the Ohio Bible-Belt and I will always remember how much my Dad and me laughed at how offended everyone else was in the theatre, including my step mom. Very funny, very wrong...
The Prestige is also a great movie. Christian Bale is great in everything, through in the director of Batman Begins and Memento, Chris Nolan, Hugh Jackman and the ultra hot Scarlett Johanssen and I see no way this could be bad. I liked The Prestige much better than the Illusionist, which I felt kind of copped on the whole magic angle of the movie, never giving answers. With the exception of the actual prestige in the movie, I felt that Nolan did a much better job of showing the audience how things work.

I could also rant on about my new found and very late introduction to Firefly, But I am not comfortable being labeled a Browncoat just yet.

Thanks for reading.

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