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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ground Zero

I don't really have any good reason as to why I stopped posting. During the New Year's holiday I decided that I needed to start writing something again and I fugured this was the best manner in which to do so, and somehow hold myself accountable for putting stuff up every week at the least.
Hence I am basically going to give this a try again.

There was pretty much a time there were I wasn't happy with what was going on in my life, and I decieded that I needed a change. Personally and professionally I wasn't in a place were I was meeting the expectations that I set for myself, and the best way to fix what you don't like is to stop bitching about them and start acting on them.

I am sure I will be writing on events in my life or other pop culture topics, but I am also going to try to broaden the perspective. Maybe posting bits of a bad horror story I am starting, or a poem or short essay, just something to stimulate the creative juices. I look at the depth of talent in my roommate and sometimes it is just depressing that he can create so easily.

At any rate, his is step one......hopefully my pace will not falter.

End of Line.