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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Movie Review: Run Fatboy Run

Hey all,

Had the chance to catch Run Fatboy Run over the weekend and I gotta say that I loved it. Simon Pegg is quickly becoming a very good comedic actor on my book. Somehow his movies are real low budget and yet carry a good blend of English and American humor that is both smart and funny, staddling that fine line of over the top antics and reality.

Run Fatboy Run is about Pegg, a man who made a horrible mistake of running on on his pregnate girlfriend 5 years before and realizing afterward that he made a great mistake. His girlfriend. played by Thandie Newton, raises there son but has consented to give his some visitation. Eventually she starts dating and gets engaged to a new boyfriend, played by Hank Azaria, who is smart, sucessful, handsome, and in great shape, factors that Pegg lacks. Pegg is desperate to get Newton back and makes a wild claim. Since Newton thinks he can never finish what he starts, he thinks he can prove to her that he has changed by running a marathon, something Azaria does all the time. There is plenty of comedy in Pegg training for the run with his grumpy Indian landlord and his best friend, Newton's cousin played by Dylan Moran. The run, orginally just a ploy to get back with Newton, becomes more than that for Pegg as it becomes a metaphor for his whole life and the change it involves.

Pegg is great at playing the unfit everyman, a down on his luck slob who just wants to atone for the biggest is take of his life. Azaria is perfect as the snarky rich jerk who is swooping in to steal the girl. Thandie Newton for me seems a bit oit of character in this comedy, mostly known for serious or dramatic roles I don't know if she was the riight person to cast in her role, but its really a small complaint as she is mostly the foil for Azaria and Pegg. There is a great training scene with Pegg dealing with the rigors of long distance running (especially when you've never run one before!) Coping with blisters, rashes, and nipple chaffing aside, Deep down Run Fatboy Run is a comedy with a lot of heart and makes you feel good. I whleheartedly recomend this film.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy Unqualified

Hey all,

Sorry about missing the next flash fiction update. There have been some family issues at work with one of my managers experiencing a death in the family and everyone is pitching in to help out with coverage, and that means me too. I really have been suffering from low energy and inspiration, i just need a day or so to recharge and get the juices flowing. I also bought some vitamins so I am hoping that they can provide some much needed rejuvenation to my weary bones.

I did have the small opportunity this week to get my ordination completed. I have been asked to conduct the wedding of my brother and his fiancee and to do that I had to become a licensed minister. I'm now able to conduct weddings, baptisms, and funerals! It's very ironic to me that someone with so little religious faith is now a Reverend. If anything it will be something funny to tell people. Hi, I'm Reverend Gerrad McConnell! That's wild. It was easy too, just sent some money over the Internet and apparently that's all it takes!

As funny as it is, I am taking my role very seriously, this is my brother's wedding and to be included in the ceremony is something that puts some pressure on me to do a good job. I am hoping to take a week or so in April to work on the ceremony and procedures that they want to do and get prepared. At any rate it will make a good story.

I'll keep the site updated as we get closer to go time, and hopefully I will get back on a better posting track as we go through the remainder of the month. Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quick Hit

Hey all,

Sorry about the gap in posting the last few days. Ran into some car trouble on Thursday after meeting my roommate Jason for lunch. For some reason the car wouldn't shift out of park and I after messing with the car for over an hour I called a tow truck. It took the tow guy over 3 hours to get to my car, and when he got there he gave the car a push back and forth a few times he got it to slip into drive. I drove it home and left it in neutral overnight before taking it to the mechanic.

Basically the auto dealer said that there break system wasn't releasing and he replaced some switches and a relay. So I didn't have to pay for a tow and he got it fixed the same day so that saved some money. I didn't really budget for the repair costs though so I'll have to watch my spending this month.

I'll try to post a new Flash Fiction tomorrow so be on the lookout. As always, thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Inkling

Hey all,

A real quick post today throwing some serious credit to my best friend Jason. As a struggling artist I have seen him toil in frustration a long time. It's especially difficult to see how great he is and to be so close to getting published and not quite get there. Now finally having the opportunity to announce the project he has been working on all these months and to see a release date and the light at the end of the tunnel is a moment that I am really happy to see arrive.

When so many people give up on their dreams as they get older and caught up in life, but Jason has perservered, never giving in working at his goals. To be on the cusp of achieving that dream is something I am really proud to be able to witness. The amount of time and man hours spent on working a regular job and tackling project after project for different comic book publishers I know can't have been easy. I knew he had the talent, and I am glad the rest of the world will get an opportunity to find out what those of us close to him already knew.

He's got complete details to check out the book he is working on at his blog, Idle Hands, which you can find a link to on my page, or go to and look for Wonderdogs, Inc. The graphic novel is expected to ship for The Comic Con International in San Diego in July, published by Viper. You can also hopefully see more work later this year from other publishers.

Congrats bro, I always knew.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Movie Time: Rewind: Papillon

Hey all,

For this month's segment I thought I would dip back into the well and highlight another great Steve McQueen film. Arguably my favorite actor, along with Cary Grant, I have seen almost all of Steve's films and have all that are currently available on DVD. I previewed The Magnificent Seven in my first installment, I thought that I would pick an underrated film from McQueen's library.

When you say Steve McQueen, most people think about the memorable motorcycle jump stunt from The Great Escape, or the streets of San Francisco car chase in Bullitt. All these films help to accentuate the character that Steve was trying to play, the tough, laconic, lone rebel. In 1973's Papillon, he perfected that image.

McQueen plays a wrongfully accused French petty criminal who is sentenced to Devil's Island prison in French Guiana named Henri, also known as Papillon (French for butterfly as he has a large tattoo of one.) He befriends Dustin Hoffman character, Dega, on the boat ride to prison and agree to help each other escape. Papillon attempts escape many times, always resulting in recapture. Eventually imprisoned in solitary confinement as punishment and surviving through brutal conditions, he refuses to give in.

McQueen gives what I consider to be his finest acting performance despite being snubbed for an Oscar nomination, especially given sharing the screen opposite Hoffman. Hoffman, a method actor, would often do take after take to get the right performance. McQueen was known for giving his best takes on the first or second try. This was also filmed at the peak of McQueen's stardom, at a point where his womanizing and off screen antics were at their largest (many believing this is why the Oscars snubbed him) yet he reportedly got along well with Hoffman.

The scenes of McQueen in solitary confinement really show the range that he had, and the ability. Acting with little to no human interaction and conveying the sense of grueling starvation and weakness showed what he was capable of. And the character is the essence of Steve, hard unyielding and unrelenting, yet still the noble streak of humanity at the core. The final scenes with an aging and battered Steve and Hoffman are also very poignant, and the final shot of Steve in the surf at one more escape attempt is a reminder why he really was the essence of cool.

The movie is based on a true story of Papillon, yet many historians believe that much of the facts may not be accurate, but that doesn't change the film or its enjoyment for me. Steve McQueen is the actor that opened my eyes to classic films, and for that I am grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Papillion for your enjoyment.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hey all,

This marks my 200th post on the site. It seems not that long ago that I was writing a poem to commemorate my 100th post, and that took a long time seemingly to get to. Adamantly I have made it a point this year to commit to posting on a more regular basis, but still it feels good to know that I haven't given up since re-dedicating myself last year.

In reflecting on the site I took a look at some of my older posts and tried to see if I have made any growth. I know I wrote a lot about creating more work and starting a novel, none of which I really got around to short of the flash fiction. I also have come to think that the audience I wrote for is very small, most likely only my roommate and his girlfriend. Truthfully part of that is depressing. I write because I really love writing and words, but finding an audience should be something I make a better effort to do. You can't help but wonder why you are doing something if no one is there to see what you have done.

I like to think that I am leaving every out there when I write, at least in terms of the poetry I post. Lately I have felt I am forcing the poems and retreading to much of the same ground. I need to find the inspiration to make better work consistently. To improve past what I know I can do into the realm of what I haven't done. I write fiction because that is what's fun and that helps me find some kind of small measure of writing to do everyday. I've often heard that a writer writes everyday, and I don't think I am writing enough. Expanding what I am doing should be my target for my own development. I know that my writing has a long way to go, but hopefully I can continue to make that journey with those who read this blog.

Thanks to those who have read what I have done, and for what I shall still.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

True Story Time!

Hey all,

As promised, the True Story I told earlier in the month now gets a follow up. Fires have not been something I have had all that much experience with, just the car fire from work earlier this month and one other time. It was a few months after the fourth of of July and I had some fireworks that I had snuck in from New Mexico on a road trip. We had fired most of the good stuff off on the Fourth, but I still had a few Roman Candles left.

A bunch of people had decided to throw a desert party, you know beer and music out in the middle of nowhere and I went along for the fun. I took the Roman Candles along to shoot them off. After a few hours of drinking and carrying on, I brought out the fireworks to everyone's appeal. There were probably 8 or 9 of us, though everyone at the actual party is a little hazy. I was really only friends with two of them, my friend Bill from Flagstaff, and my roommates brother Danny. The rest of the group were friends of friends, you know the type. You never see them unless someone is having a party. So you know who they are but you never really see them otherwise. There was one guy there that I didn't know, named Barry.

Barry it seemed had finished a short stretch in jail for something, I think drunk and disorderly and fighting and was on probation. Anyway we were all listening to music when we got the rockets out. The ground was so hard packed that we couldn't get the end of the candle in the ground to plant it. So we did the only safe and careful thing to do. Lit the wick and held the rocket casing in our hand. For those of you who don't know, a Roman Candle has a hard shell surrounding it and launches five fireworks into the air to explode. The first rocket went off no problem. The second rocket got us in trouble.

Danny was holding it in his hand as the fireworks exploded up in the sky. The first 3bursts went fine, but on the fourth bust the bottom of the shell casing blew off. Danny was so surprised that he lowered his arm and jumped. The last firework burst out in a horizontal line streaking across the desert floor exploding in a small tree surrounded by shrubbery. The bushes went up in a huge burst of flames. The weather had been so dry that the fire was in a 20 foot radius in a matter of seconds. All of us dashed to the fire and began using any means necessary to extinguish the blaze. All of us thinking that we need to get this fire out or we are going to go to jail for this. All of us thought that but Barry, who was in his car peeling off down the dirt road before any of us even made it to the fire. He later claimed that there was no way he was going back to jail for that.

The rest of us used beer, an old water jug and our shoes to attack the blaze. After about 45 minutes we had stomped most of it out. Bill even backed his truck up and peeled out, throwing dirt onto the bigger sections. My shoes were half melted and all of us were exhausted stamping out every last ember. I am still amazed to this day that we got that under control. The fire was huge, and using only the stuff we had with us to put it out is crazy. It's safe to say that was the LAST desert party I went to. For days after the fire I was sure that someone would get busted as we had left tire tracks and litter at the site, as well as a huge blackened circle of shrubs. I now realize the odds of someone in authority being that far out in the middle of nowhere and discovering the fire seems far fetched. What doesn't seem far fetched is the damage we could have caused goofing off. I've since learned my lesson with fireworks. Always plant that shit deep.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 18

Billy crouched out on the saloon's balcony, his scattergun propped against the railing. He peered out into the eerie darkness, counting the creatures that roams through Contention's streets. There were at least 30 or so, all in different states of decay, but all with those enormous jaws and fangs. He watched as two of the creatures ripped into the remains of a woman lying in the street. Her head had been busted open and one was licking the remains out of it as the other chewed on her intestines.

Billy stifled a gag and continued to look out, trying to make little noise or attract attention. He wasn't sure how these creatures responded, but he sure wasn't going to give them any ideas. He looked at the buildings along Contention's main streets, any showed lights inside, but so far he had yet to see anyone.

As Billy looked at the buildings, movement at the Sheriff's office caught his attention. Root was waving his lantern in behind the shade of his office, the weird shadows acting as the pre-arranged signal. He crept back in the saloon and called down the stairs.

"Root's on the move!"

As he returned to his watching post, he saw Root crack the door open. Billy unholstered his Colt and prepared to cover Root as he broke for the saloon. Just as Root eased the door wider, all Hell broke loose.

End of Line.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Movie Review: Semi-Pro

Hey all,

It's been a while since I hit the theatre, but yesterday's all managers meeting was held at a rented theatre, and after the meeting we got to watch Semi-Pro, with Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson. Kind of a surprising choice, though I don't think much research was done to understand that it was an pretty graphic (at least in terms of language) film that they claimed was picked for it's broad appeal.

Circumstances aside, I came to find myself laughing a lot more than the trailers would have left me to believe. At some point over this past year or two I have found myself enjoying these ridiculous comedies more and more, Talledega Nights, Walk Hard and now Semi-Pro. I also remember laughing a lot more at Blades of Glory than I think I would like to admit, though I am pretty sure that it wouldn't hold up on repeated viewings.

Semi-Pro is about a former disco one hit wonder Jackie Moon (Will Farrell) who used his money gained from the song to buy the American Basketball Association team, The Flint Michigan Tropics. The league is struggling to find attendance and popularity vs the more popular NBA, and determines that they will integrate the leagues at the end of the season. The four best teams will continue, the rest will be dissolved. Jackie Moon's mission is to raise attendance and awareness of the Tropics and take them from last place to fourth.

Ferrell is at his usual self in the movie, blending broad appeal with absurdity and a generous helping of foul mouthed humor. I laughed and was more into the movie than I thought. It's a funny, passable film, especially in a time of poor box office choices. If you liked films like Talledega Nights and Blades of Glory, even Anchorman to an extent, (though not as quotable) Semi-Pro is a funny movie and a decent way to spend an hour and a half. There is plenty of oer the top moments to give you a few chuckles.

Thanks for reading.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Word Balloon: Bone

Hey all!

March's entry in the field of great graphic novel reads is Jeff Smith's magnum opus, Bone. Released at the rebirth of independent comics in 1991 it ran an irregular shipping rate ending with issue 55 in 2004. Bone is a story about 3 cousins who leave their home and get lost in a great desert, eventually ending up in a valley full of terrible and exciting creatures. The Bone cousins are short white "cartoon" characters who meet with the inhabitants of the Valley, a mixture of humans, talking animals and evil Rat Creatures.

The three cousins are Fone Bone, the most level headed of the group, who is in love with a young woman who he befriended in the Valley after being separated from his cousins. The second is Phoney Bone, a money hungry Bone whose greedy nature often gets ahead of his better judgement, though he has a deep affection for his cousins that he is loathe to admit. The third cousin is Smiley Bone, a lovable goof with out much brains but bursting with heart. The other principal characters are Thorn, the girl who Fone Bone first meets in the Valley and her Grandmother Rose Ben who raises her on a small farm. Lucius is a friend of Grandma Ben and runs the local tavern. There is also a Great Red Dragon who offers advice and villains in the Rat Creatures, their leader Kingdok, and The Hooded One.

It may sound a bit silly but Bone is truly an all ages tale. It's basically a 3 act story, with the first 21 issues or so setting the stage and providing a lighthearted and fun backdrop. The middle arc sets up a far greater picture hearken to the Disney classics that warmed you with laughter but made the realize that there are darker things ahead. The final chapter is out and out adventure as the Bones and their friends face the Hooded One and it's master to save the world. Combining elements of humor, slapstick, mysticism, romance, adventure, chases, fantasy, magic, it has it all, culminating in a final battle that parallels the Lord of the Rings or the Chronicles of Narnia.

Bone is one part classic Disney adventure, one part Walt Kelley's comic strip Pogo, a bit of Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge Duck Tales, and a great helping of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. It's epic in scope and a pleasure for grown adults, or young children first reading. A perfect blend of adventure, action and humor in a diversity of styles and story tones. I've read the complete series 3 or 4 times and it is still compelling and fun, and it is possibly one of my favorite books of all time.

Recently Bone was optioned as a film by Warner Bros. I really would love to see this film as a trilogy. Like the Harry Potter series it can grow and evolve as the viewers get older, light and airy to begin, but more dark and dramatic as the tale unfolds. Jeff Smith cemented his place in comics history with his series and was awards 10 Eisner's and 11 Harvey awards, about as prestigious as you can get. Check out the first 2 volumes Out of Boneville and The Great Cow Race. Or man up and get the omnibus for $40.00, collecting the complete series in one phonebook size volume. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Bone by Jeff Smith, and publisher Cartoon Books.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episdode 17

Katee frantically the ejected the spent cartridges from the old Navy revolver, the empty shells clattering across the floor. She bent over Deke's mangled body and undid his gunbelt, wincing at the torn remains of her old customer. After finally freeing the belt she loaded the new cartridges into the pistol and and cinched the belt tight around her waste

Barry stood behind the bar still reloading Booth's old Winchester. Tom Boon, her last client, took another long pull from the bottle of whisky he had grabbed. He was still in his long shorts, his pants and shirt still in her room. He had taken the the time to put on his gunbelt, but the leather still had it's shine on it and she wasn't sure he had ever fired it. Tom had claimed he was here to bid on some mining rights, but he so far had spent the last 5 days drinking and whoring.

Barry propped the Winchester on the bar and wiped the sweat from his brow. He'd been drinking all night and looked worse for wear. Katee rested the pistol on the table and snugged in her knife. She kept for those times customers got to rough and knew how to use it. She felt a little better knowing it was strapped to her back.

Katee looked through the window, and though the shades had been pulled she could still she the shadows of the creatures moving outside. Root was supposed to be back from the Sheriff's office already. She picked the pistol back up when she heard Billy call from upstairs.

" Root's on the move!"

End of Line.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Little Savior

Hey all,

A quick poem that I have been dabbling with over the weekend. I have been running the title through my head for about the last week and I new that I would use that line in my next poem, sort of about people rescuing ourselves from one another. I think after this poem I may take a break for a while from poetry. I am really struggling to write and there are some couplets in there that I may have used in other poems before though I am not sure. I did like the pattern to the poem though, as every 2 lines rhyme, then in the next two stanza's the couplets rhyme with the same words from the previous one. So five rhyming sounds in 30 lines was kind of fun. Part of me wanted words that I could rhyme into a workable poem so maybe that had something to due with the familiarity. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem and I hope to repost tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

My Little Savior

Somewhere along the way,

Some traveled path I couldn't say.

A wrong turn so easily made.

And what's important gone to fade.

Happiness turned so blue,

Indecisions left to construe.

Remorse, regret still left behind,

Redemption lost in passing resigned.

Depression's depth from bounding highs,

What I've become even I despise.

Until we met that faithful day.

And my darkness found itself at bay.

When I pushed back your love still stayed,

Giving courage when I felt afraid.

From your life I birthed anew,

In your heart you knew it true.

Freed from those ties that bind,

Unlocking the secrets in my mind.

You could see the truth within my lies,

Tearing away my soul's disguise.

My little savior does now allay,

The hurts and pains of life to pay.

Her voice a song of serenade,

A melody so sweetly played.

So when the dark starts to subdue,

I find my rescue in the arms of you.

My sight rebounds from times so blind,

Our lives together grown intertwined.

That I love you so is no surprise,

Twill remain that way 'till our demise.

End of Line.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Line Up

Hey all,

Sorry about the gap in posting so far this month, there has been a lot of little things that have not been condusive to writing. Work of course always rears it's ugly head and has seen me working some serious shifts in the previous week. Between numerous meetings and visiting supervisors I just haven't been home that much, some time working 11 or 12 hour days. My hope is that this current week we can get on some sort of regular schedule or at least get another manager that we were promised to help ease the load. Hey with my luck though I'll probably be back to where I started!

There have been some other stuff going on. Last night saw brand new episodes of one of my favorite television programs Ninja Warrior. Found on G4 its a Japanese import show that's everything American Gladiator wants to be. A highly difficult 4 stage obstacle course that pits 100 people against its rigors. Some of the challenges range from athletes to fishermen to dancers to models to the out and out ridiculous. The obstacles, which you have to see to believe are incredibly difficult, like running up a curved wall to grab the lip, to crossing a hanging curtain over a pit of water to jumping from monkey bar to monkey bar across an incredible span. It's amazing to see what these athletes are capable of. In the 10 plus years of the show only 2 men have ever completed all 4 stages. Last night saw the 7th all women of Ninja Warrior tournament.

All of the obstacles require speed, strength, endurance, stamina, and balance. The men's course focuses more on strength, the women's highlight balance. The last three tournaments for women have seen back to back to back victories for the only woman to have completed the the course, whose name is Ayoka. Of the 110 women who started stage 1, only 4 advanced. Passing obstacles like wobbly stepping stones, off set balance beams where you hit a button, run across one beam, jump to an off set next beam, then jump to a third platform to catch a punching bag that released when you hit the button to ride it across a pool of water. Then it's up the short cargo net to the balance tank, where you roll on a barrel on a ramp across a pool of water to a platform. Then you catapult from a trampoline to an elevated small round platform in an event called the Hot Rocket. Then you jump down to a padded platform, across a short balance beam into the Angled Run, where two sections of wall, one on the right, one on the left separated by a small gap are pitched at a 22 degree incline. You have to run across the angled wall to a rope ladder, climb it an hit a buzzer. Oh Yeah, and all this has to be done in 85 seconds. That's hard right!

Four women advanced to Stage 2, where the obstacles push your sense of balance and strength even harder, with spinning balance logs, elevated rounded stepping stones, monkey bars and free hanging balance beams. Even 3 time champion Ayoka failed to pass this course, though one challenger made it to stage 3. The third stage, the only 1 untimed, has a peg jump, where you jump from one narrow peg shaped platform to the next and a long foam domino hill that rise over 10 feet from the ground. Domino Hill beat the challenger who couldn't make it to the third task, an inclined rock wall. There was still a stage 4 whose challenge we did not get to see.

Ninja Warrior is full of everything you have to love about competitive television. Feats of strength and athleticism, sheer humor at some of the strange participants and a sense of awe watching people do things that look impossible. It will be about 2 months until the next new episode of Ninja Warrior, the men's competition. Sadly that's the only drawback of the show. Since the Tournament is only held in Japan 4 times a year, you only get new episodes about every quarter. Two men's, in the summer and the winter, and two women's, in the fall and spring. But G4 has plenty of backlog, over 10 years worth of episodes for you to watch and root for. You should definitely add G4 for this show alone, it's well worth adding to your cable package and ranks as one of my top 5 shows to watch.

Ninja Warrior.

End of Line.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 15

Billy vaulted off his horse as he arrived at the Sheriff's office in Contention. As he headed towards the door he watched Reny Cargill run back towards the his general store. Billy pounded on the Sheriff's door but found no answer. Casting around he looked about for a clue to the Sheriff's location.

Descending from the hilltop he saw a group of people. Maybe there had been an early funeral service. Billy broke off into a jog heading up the hill. As he got closer the first thing he noticed was the smell. A strong rotten odor, rancid and spoiled assaulted him. Billy stopped short, retching.

As he looked back up he saw them clearly for the first time. Flesh and muscle, decaying, hanging off broken bodies. Limbs missing, riddled with maggots and other insects. And the mouths, huge gaping holes stretched in hunger. Dead men, like back at the farm, brought back to life. And heading straight for him.

Billy covered his mouth with a handkerchief and freed his Colt, then he ran like hell.

End of Line.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

True Story Time!

Happy March all!

Two months down into 2008 and today sees the return of an old column. It's been quite a while since I told another True Story and the truth is, most of my good funny stories have been told but yesterday saw me in the middle of some crazy stuff.

Mondays are a day that I have to close at work to do an inventory every week. I'm working up front bagging orders and keeping busy when some guy comes in, really frantic and stressed.


I hand him the water cup and he grabs a few more cups from the stack I pulled it from and fills them up, tearing ass out of the store. I really didn't think about it until a customer mentions in the Drive Thru that she called 911 as a car is on fire in my drive thru! I bolt out the back door with a fire extinguisher and direct my crew to fill some water buckets. This guy's car has flames shooting out of the hood and he is trying to put it out with water cups! With the amount of smoke and fire billowing out of the engine, it melted the hood to the frame so we couldn't get the flames fully out. Finally with the help of our neighboring business who grabbed the water hose we dosed the flames using the hose and my extinguisher just as the fire department arrived.

The fire department had to cut the hood open to get into the engine. The funny part is they were treating the car's driver for smoke inhalation as the police officer was citing him for not having insurance or a license. He wasn't even the owner of the car!

I have been at this location for just shy of a year and half and I have had more crazy stuff like this happen in all of my almost 15 years with the company. I've evacuated the store 2 other times for CO2 tank explosions, which when released is a dangerous gas to inhale and can cause suffocation. It's just crazy!

Writing this story reminded me of another time I fought a fire that I will relate to another True Story this month. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.