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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

True Story Time!

Happy March all!

Two months down into 2008 and today sees the return of an old column. It's been quite a while since I told another True Story and the truth is, most of my good funny stories have been told but yesterday saw me in the middle of some crazy stuff.

Mondays are a day that I have to close at work to do an inventory every week. I'm working up front bagging orders and keeping busy when some guy comes in, really frantic and stressed.


I hand him the water cup and he grabs a few more cups from the stack I pulled it from and fills them up, tearing ass out of the store. I really didn't think about it until a customer mentions in the Drive Thru that she called 911 as a car is on fire in my drive thru! I bolt out the back door with a fire extinguisher and direct my crew to fill some water buckets. This guy's car has flames shooting out of the hood and he is trying to put it out with water cups! With the amount of smoke and fire billowing out of the engine, it melted the hood to the frame so we couldn't get the flames fully out. Finally with the help of our neighboring business who grabbed the water hose we dosed the flames using the hose and my extinguisher just as the fire department arrived.

The fire department had to cut the hood open to get into the engine. The funny part is they were treating the car's driver for smoke inhalation as the police officer was citing him for not having insurance or a license. He wasn't even the owner of the car!

I have been at this location for just shy of a year and half and I have had more crazy stuff like this happen in all of my almost 15 years with the company. I've evacuated the store 2 other times for CO2 tank explosions, which when released is a dangerous gas to inhale and can cause suffocation. It's just crazy!

Writing this story reminded me of another time I fought a fire that I will relate to another True Story this month. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.

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