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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

True Story Time!

Hey all,

Thought I would drop a quick true story for you all. It's funny knowing how close this actually came to happening.

I have the very bad habit of chewing on plastic. Whether it's a straw or the little plastic ring around the gallon milk container or whatever. Its a habit that I have had for a long time and I do it without thinking about it really. I think its because I have a lot of nervous energy, like bouncing my leg or whatnot, its an activity to do while I am sitting still. Now that the background is filled in lets get to the story.

I am watching TV the other day and I notice a plastic-like ring sitting on the couch. I pick it up and look at it wondering where it came from, and what it was. I probably fiddled with it for like 30 minutes or so, and i remember putting it back down so that I didn't chew on it as I didn't know what it went to and it might be something someone wanted.

Later that night my roommate comes home and comes into the living room. He immediately asks me where the little ring is. I pick it up and give it to him. He asked me, " Dude, you didn't chew on this did you?"

I said no, but that I thought about it but since I didn't know if it went to something important I stopped myself.

Jason (my RM) then tells me that its the birth control ring that his girlfriend was using and that he took it out when they were having sex on the couch last night! Apparently its some new for of birth control that releases the chemicals from the ring over a 3 week period and that it just kind of rests up in there.

He starts laughing because he told his girlfriend on the phone when she called him to tell him that she left it there, he said that Gerrad better not find it because he is gonna chew on that shit.

Kind of wonder how bad it would have been to ingest those chemicals now that I think about it. I will say that this incident has really curtailed my desire to chew on anything plastic now.. except maybe straws. You can't expect me to go cold turkey can you?

Pop Culture Watch.

Drive continues to heat up and Lost is still solid in my book. (Hell I like it better now that we are actually getting some answers.)
Also Heroes and my guiltiest of pleasures Gilmore Girls are rocketing towards their final episodes for the season so hopefully you are tuning in.
I think my next post may have my rundown on the big movies coming out this summer. Take it easy!

End of Line.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Current Events

Hey all

Thought I would leave a post about what's been going on lately. Started my third week of vacation for the year this past weekend, and have been trying to relax some. Unfortunately I have plenty of housecleaning ahead of me and I am hoping to prolong It a bit by posting. I took a weekend trip up to my good friend Bill's house in Flagstaff, AZ. As usual we had a good time, drinking beers, watching movies and playing video games.

Of course there was a serious amount of Guitar Hero, but we also tried out a slightly older game, X-Men Legends 2, which we found sadly lacking. As both of us are BIG fans of Marvel's Ultimate Alliance, this precursor had similar game play, with a horrible roster of X-Men characters. We didn't play it that long. His neighbors invited us over to play some 360, but when we got there we spent the whole night going old school with some classic NES games, with Tecmo Super Bowl, Duck Hunt, Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers (A certified classic!) Tetris, TMNT Arcade and Battletoads.. Along with some sweet Contra action which I owned at. All in all we had a pretty sweet time.

We also caught a bunch of flicks, like the Descent, which was pretty good for a horror movie but I thought had a crappy ending, and Casino Royale. Bond started off good with that great footrace, but quickly went downhill. The movie was unnecessarily long with not enough driving the character. Bill's wife, Carmen, said that Daniel Craig was a terribly wooden actor, worse than Keanu Reeves, whom she had complained was the worst actor she had ever seen since watching Sweet November the night before. My only response was that somewhere, a paper bag lay in defeat, as Keanu had just acted out of it.

My brother and I also watched Blades of Glory last night. Sadly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Not to say that it was good as it wasn't... I was just expecting it to be excruciatingly horrible. My brother and me love seeing bad movies together, I don't know why really, we just love adding our own commentary to them. I will say this for Blades of Glory, Jenna Fischer, Pam from The Office, looked super hot in a garter and lace lingerie number. It was almost worth admission for that alone.

One more thing of note this past weekend was the premiere of Drive on Fox. I really enjoyed this show.. sort of a drama Cannonball Run, plenty of fast driving and action... you should check it out.

Hope you all take it easy.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Silence of Heaven

With the tragedy surrounding the Va. Tech massacre I thought that I should finally post this poem. It's another attempt to do a love poem and I am okay with how it turned out..I don't like to over think these poems.. if it takes more than two attempts to complete.. I usually scrap the idea, I don't feel you get the emotional intent after more than a crack or two at it, for time tends to fade the original intent of the poem. I actually finished this last week, just didn't post it.

I'll throw up another post tomorrow with what I have been up to, but hope you enjoy the following.

With my pen I wait to fill these pages to your praise,

To sing you a song of my heart's raise.

But any verse that follows cannot be as good.

To express how you make me feel like it should.

As I lay awake not knowing

The destination of where I am going

The path you lead is where I shall follow

For one without you would leave me hollow.

I could be a thousand miles away from you,

But how you make me feel is not more true.

Whether your near or far its all the same.

For my heart is yours to lay this blame.

No path you tread could be to long,

For in my eyes you can commit no wrong.

On the day you finally see the truth of me.

You will see what I have known for an eternity.

It's your smile that gives the early morning sun its shine,

And all your words whisper to the winds that you are mine.

The flowers smell so much sweeter when you put them in your hair,

The world would be so empty if you were never there.

All is silent in Heaven when you pass by,

The only sound is angels breathing up upon on the high,

When you are near all other things don't shine with the same light,

A paler glow around the world whenever you are not in sight.

You are my everything.

End of Line.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick Hit

I posted a new poem, but its under the last post, I think because it was from a saved draft that I started earlier.. I'll fix that before I do the next one. Also hope the new look is a bit nicer for everyone. It's nothing fancy, just one of the blog templates, but it definitely helps the overall flow. Thanks for reading!

End of Line.