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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Brand New Day

Hey all,

A quick turnaround on another poem this week. I thought about holding off a little to spread out the poetry posts, but I am pretty happy with the outcome of this one. I wrote it during a nine hour long meeting at work, through a series of conferences and such. What resulted is what I feel is the polar opposite of my last poem, Midnight Self. It's my riff on the the possibilites of each new day and what the dawn brings. More specifically, drawing homages to living in the deserts of Arizona. If anything, finding the brightest times of such a sparse environment. Hope you like it.

Oh, and I'd also like to credit my good friend Jason for the inspiration on the origin of Sheriff Root in my Flash Fiction posts. Thanks bro.

A Brand New Day

Horizons break in colored red,

Purple streaks with orange rays led.

Sunrise eclipse dark night's take.

A brand new day begins to break.

The moon and sun still share same sky.

That rarest time wherein both still lie.

Soon the twinkles start to turn,

At sunlights burst to orb's sweet burn.

Warmth seeps to those chilled bones,

Temperate days in this cherished zone.

As desert life wakes to mourning's rise,

And nighttime slumbers in brief demise.

Hazy clouds gather at world's end,

With mountains kiss at valley's rend,

And the craggy peaks loom all around,

Where Heavens and sky kiss the ground.

Here the arid trees in subtle breeze,

Flowered shrubbery sways with ease.

Rocky clefts and low bent dunes,

Greeting peaceful valley is dawn's swoon.

Looking out to fresh faced day,

Possibility and chance ahead that lay.

With each new sun my spirits soar,

Rebirth my soul, at deep set core.

Stains and pain of days past gone,

Soothe the hurts of yesterday does dawn.

Arms spread wide to greet the birthing light,

A perfect day and all feels right.

End of Line.

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