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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hey all,

I finished the poem I have been working on the past 2 days. It's an attempt to use a style I used a few months back by using the same three letters to start each word of each couplet. I find it a challenging style to work in and usually enjoy the effort. Though this month has found my poetry a bit harder to come by. Hopefully the next day or so will see another attempt at flash fiction, thanks for reading.


Till sooner moments bring us close,

Fill these pages with words verbose.

There's so much that I wish to tell,

That words or letters will fail to impel.

Truly such matters do pale in compare,

As my true feelings' expression now laid to share.

Taking special measures of your affections,

Have marked me surely with love's afflictions.

Touching soft memories cemented in thought.

Treasured forever in both heart and mind caught.

These sudden minutes that that fill my day,

When errant thoughts of you pass my way.

Ticking seconds marked in time,

Burning emotion growing towards it's prime.

Tender sweet mercies visited upon me,

Your perfection of form an epiphany.

The sound multiplied of burning passion's beat.

A heart overfilled with a love so complete.

This special missive that here I shall swear.

A promise for now and forever your love to bear.

End of Line.

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