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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Assorted Nuts

Happy December!

I find it really weird that the more regular hours I work, like open to 1 or 9 to 5, which result in me getting home earlier, ultimately end up with me posting less. I seem to thrive on the later shifts, posting in the early hours of the morning. I also went off caffeinated sodas last week and its been a struggle. I felt like I had been drinking far to much soda, especially late and I am making an effort to curtail that consumption. I also cut out eating bad at work, sticking with grilled chicken or fruits. That's not to say that I am dieting particularly, just trying to monitor and regulate what I am consuming.

One thing I have noticed is that since I went off caffeine I get tired a lot earlier. I just can't keep up the energy levels that I use to have. Also, my pee is crystal clear, it was kind of surprising not to have that familiar amber hue. Mostly I guess my system is in a detox mode, which is good right? I just wish it wasn't so hard to get off this stuff. It's been two weeks and I already see myself get tired, and angry sometimes. The more I write about it the scarier these things should sound to me. I still want a cola though.

I am targeting my first attempt at some flash fiction this month, as well as an attempt at some holiday poetry. Also perhaps that often promised site overhaul, which should pop up the energy on this. Tomorrow I will post on my visit to the new Cardinals stadium, as this will be my first pro game in almost 20 years. Damn... that makes me old.

End of Line.

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