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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movie Review: Walk Hard

Hey all,

Four weeks equals four movies for me, as I caught Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story this past Friday. More importantly, this film finally broke my string of disappointing box office choices. Walk Hard is my favorite comedy of the year.

Produced and co-written by comedy golden boy Judd Apatow, the guy that brought heart to raunchy R rated comedies, and starring John C. Reilly and Jenna Fischer (Pam of The Office) Walk Hard made me laugh more than Superbad or Knocked Up. Reilly is Dewey Cox, a troubled singer along the lines of Johnny Cash who accidental killed his talented younger brother and sets out to be a rock and roll musician. He is troubled by the usual rock and roll temptations, sex, drugs and alcohol, but ultimately finds himself in the end.

It follows Apatows now dependable pattern of R comedy with a heartfelt message, but it adds such a level of absurdity and ridiculousness, that it doesn't get sappy the way Knocked Up does. It never takes itself seriously, from a fully grown Reilly playing his 14 year old self, to the hilarious innuendos in some of Cox's songs, like Let's Duet or Darling. Reilly plays the role with such energy and wit, going from comedy straight man to the being the punchline seamlessly throughout. Fischer, as his second wife is seriously cementing her hotness as well as her ability to play off other actors. The celebrity casting is great too. Jack Black, Paul Rudd, and Justin Long as Paul, John, and George of the Beatles, Frankie Muniz as Buddy Holly, and my personal favorite, White Stripes front man Jack White as Elvis Presley.

Reilly also sings his own songs in the films, which are very funny. Be warned, there are a few male nudity jokes in the film, but I think that the audiences discomfort made those moments even funnier. All in all, Walk Hard is a movie you should definitely check out.

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