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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cold as Snow

Hey all,

Got a bit of the poetry bug today so this is a little bit I sketched out over the course of maybe an hour. I didn't spend a lot of time or thought on it, I tried to keep it very stream of conscious and to let the words flow. The poem is sort of about the moments in your life when you feel like you have lost it all and are all alone in the world. Holding yourself and realizing that you have lost the things that make you, well you. Originally this poem was titled Days of Grey, but i thought it was a little close to the title of a poem I just wrote, called Turned to Grey. I re-read the poem though and while it is similar subject matter, I thought they were different enough to keep. I mean hell, a lot of my poetry I write is the same theme so maybe someone will like this one. I sort of think each poem is it's own independent work, not related to the other.

I once heard a quote that a poem is never finished, just abandoned. I think that works in my writing. I could easily tweak it to be more different than other poems that i wrote, but in the end it's one individual work, If one poem didn't strike a chord with you, maybe another will. Anyway, hope you enjoy the poem.

Cold as Snow

Pieces fallen to the ground,

Listen to the crumbling sounds.

Hurt and pain but broken shard,

Putting them together, far to hard.

Left alone in shattered state,

Each new sliver without a mate.

I look to the pile which lay amassed,

So much sorrow to get past.

I shiver in the naked cold,

Exposed to this world so bold.

It's so damn cool outside,

And all I wants' a place to hide.

Grasping at the sharpened breaks,

The scraps at which my heart forsakes.

Broken hopes and dreams now laid to rest,

A funeral for my heart-felt stress.

Bared of soul and marrowed bone,

My sins gone by without atone.

Once feeble flame has now been snuffed,

To be battered by a wind what roughed.

Though never one of passions grace,

Now I lay in solitude and disgrace.

And once I stoked my prayers to grow,

They're ashen now, as cold as snow.

So out beneath the sky and star,

The horizons stretches just so far.

I once saw hope in the future ahead,

Now the promises feel so dead.

It rests in a crumbled heap,

Of broken prayers and sorrows reap.

Each one I tried to put together,

Just left me the worse for weather.

How I wish I could be better,

And find the way to put me back together.

To stoke the flames of a wholly heart,

And not cut myself on the bitter parts.

At last I brace myself against the wind,

It's cutting bite my own chagrin.

I watch it blow the parts away,

And welcome in the days of gray.

End of Line.

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