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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 23

I lashed out with the baton, the metal un-collapsing in a blur beneath my sleeve. I caught the stooge across the jaw with a sickening crack and watched the blood spray against the door. I struck out again a second time, you know, just to be sure. The goon lay prone after the two hits and I pulled the keys out of his pocket, letting myself into the complex. I poked my head in and saw that no one was in the foyer, so I grabbed him by the collar and drug him in behind me. I could see the tattoo on his neck marking him as one of Sixx's boys and by default, marking this as one of Sixx's properties. Gonna have to stay on my toes. I muscles the goon into a storage closet and headed for the elevator, the baton still dripping blood behind me.

I thumbed the button for the elevator and stepped in, pressing the second floor key as the doors closed behind me. Th elevator starting rolling up and I tried to flex some of the soreness out of my arms and ribs, there was sure to be some rough housing ahead and I was gonna be damned if I wasn't up for this. I heard the door ping and watched it slid open, with two burly fucks waiting on the other side. Huge bastards in to small suits and necks that ended at their shoulders. Oh well, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

I brought the baton around across the first monkey's wrist, hearing the welcomes sounds of bones snapping. The second guy made a shot for my face, swiping his meat hook for my temple. Instead of backing out I stepped in to the punch. He scored a glancing blow to the back of my head, but nothing with any real force. That close I plunged my knee into his gut and brought the baton back around. The elevator was to small to get a good shot to I aimed low for his knee. After connecting I turned into a spin, rolling out the elevator door and into the hallway. I brought the baton into a brutal uppercut, catching the first guy unaware, still clutching his hand. His head snapped back and I saw his eyes go glossy in a spray of red. He tumbled into the elevator and I focused on the second guy, limping but ready for more. I struck out again with the baton, going high, but he forced his arm out to block the blow and came across with a counter punch from his left. This time I did move backward, throwing my whole body prone and reversing my momentum. His punch missed and I found myself on the floor, looking up at him.

I brought the heel of my shoe onto his toe and felt the heavy sole sink deep into the guys soft loafers. I then lashed out again at his knee. Once he groaned he lurched forward unsteadily and I rolled out, dragging the baton behind my body and catching it between his legs. One more pull and he fell forward, his legs twisted with the baton. I made one more lunge and cracked him in the jaw a couple of times until he didn't move anymore. Blood and bits of teeth still clung to my hand as I drug the two of them back into the elevator and clicked the emergency stop button, before levering shut the doors.

That just left one more matter. Beating the fuck out of Roger Horner.

End of Line.

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