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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flash Fiction: Noir Story

Chapter 24

I freed my Beretta from its holster and loosened my arms as I approached A22. Some soreness had started to creep in, I still wasn't in the shape I needed to be to pull this kind of stuff off after that fight the other night, but frankly right now I was beyond caring. I took one more breath and kicked in the door to the apartment, watching the bits of wood shatter off the split hinges. Barrelling into the room, I saw one guy sitting at the coffee table with a huge pile of blow on the table. His pants were off and the girl in red sat at his knees. She let out a scream as she saw me but I hurtled the coach and slammed the pantless fuck into the pile of coke face first.

The girl in red opened her mouth to scream again but I pointed the Barret ta at her and told her to shut the fuck up. Her eyes went wide with fright, but she stayed quiet. Good. Pantless man was still stirring a bit so I rammed his head into the pile of coke again for good measure. Turning, I knew that Horner was in the bed room, and he was in their with Annie. I tucked the baton back inside my sleeve and walked to the bedroom door, slowly pushing it in while I kept low.

Horner was inside, his pants were off, clad just in his underwear and a button down shirt. He had Annie by the throat, a gleaming .45 in his hand. His wild black hair was standing on end, and I could see the red rim of his bloodshot eyes even from here. I caught Annie's gaze and nodded. No fucking way was this going down. I knew it could get hairy, but I;ll be fuck damned if he was gonna hurt her. He was screaming, asking who the fuck I was, and what the fuck I wanted. I wasn't paying attention, my eyes only for Annie. I told her it would be all right. I told her I wouldn't let her down. I told her I loved her. Then I told her it was time.

Annie brought the spiked heel of her knee length boots down onto Horner's bare foot and pushed herself forward. Horner cried out and fired, his shot going just wide, though I could feel the heat from the lead as it thudded into the door jamb beside me. I squeezed the Beretta once, feeling it buck in my hand, and heard the boom of the hammer fall onto the bullet before the floor length mirror behind Horner was flecked with blood. I had hit him high, in the shoulder. Annie was on him before I could get close, driving her boot hard into the wound. Her face was lit with a savage glow, god she was beautiful. I pulled her gently off of the whimpering fool, and locked eyes one more time, learning everything I needed to know from what I saw there. I smiled and looked down, telling Roger exactly want I wanted him to say.

End of Line.

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