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Monday, October 15, 2007

What Heaven Tastes Like

Hey all,

Had the great oppertunity to hit the Arizona State Fair last night. It's been a long time since I hit the fair, at least 1993 or 1994 so going back was an interesting experiance. Growing up we weren't allowed to go on any of the rides that went off the ground as my parents decided that anything that was built and deconstructed so fast wasn't safe enough. At 31 I rode my first Farris Wheel, a prospect I found more frightening than any of the coasters at Six Flags, mostly I guess because I had worked it up in my mind that the Farris Wheel was the scariest ride in the park. The last time I tried to ride the Farris Wheel I was 12 or so and made them stop the ride and let me off, and that wasn't even the big Wheel, it was the kiddie one at Cedar Point. My parents were okay with going on rides at Amusement parks, but we never really went to many. I firmly believe that I need to go to Disneyland and ride Space Mountain, as the last time I was there was 1986, and I was to scared.

Anyway back to the best art of the State Fair, the food. Fair food is an excersie in excess, a tribute to every unholy food ever made. I made one simple promise as I was there that night, to only eay fried foods. That's not a problem when you are at the fair. I ate a LOAF of french fries, like a bread loaf you could eat like a taco of fries. Fried Indian taco, sort of a tostada on Indian Fry bread. We also sampled fried rattlesnake nuggets. The best part of the night was the discovery of the place that deep fried EVERYTHING. I have wanted to sample the idea of a deep fried twinkie since reading about it in a Penny Arcade comic strip. The group of people I went with sampled a bit of everything, deep fried twinkies, fried cookie dough, fried carmel apples (the weakest of the lot) fried Dr. Pepper (YES oh JOY...deep fried soda!!) and that special taste of heaven itself, the deep fried snickers bar. It was an orgy of unhealth in the evening, but the deep freid snickers bar was excellent. I liked it so much i bought a second to take home. We all had way to much to eat, but I don't think anyone would have changed anything about the night. A few rides, a lot of food, and even more fun. It was excellent and I am glad I had a chance to go. I posted above a picture of me on the verge of tasting heaven. Yes... that IS the face you make before the imminent arrival of Rapture.

End of Line.

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