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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Images of You

Hey all,

I decided to post another poem as I seem to be of a mood to write them recently. I have 3 poems scratched out on paper that I have done bit by bit while at work. I have about 30 minutes or so every night where I don't have much to do if I really focus and in that time I usually sit in the office and write. One poem is pretty much just pieces of lines without any real structure, the other two are pretty well formed. Both are along the lines of my poems You and 100, using a repeating word over and over. I am posting the first here, sort of a piece to accompany the last poem I wrote. It's another straight up love poem, though in the writing I can see some similarites with my last work, I hope this can stand on its own.

Images of You

How do I say,

Why you mean so much to me.

That every time we're apart,

Finds me such anxiety.

I'd make a pledge to you,

If only you'd say when.

A litany of promises,

Again and again....

Images of you.....

Shows me the meaning that i need,

Your the only thing I want,

All wordly posessions would I cede.

A haunting memory,

Seems to fill that lonely void.

A flittering remembrance

Of those past times we have enjoyed.

When your in my arms,

My fleeting heart can find it's beat.

Through even greater surge,

Those moments lip to lip we do meet.

Images of you.....

From past and present now,

To the future visions of love,

And the promises we vow.

Though weather may turn rough,

And the sounding rain may fall,

In the harshest of climates,

Our love is protected from all.

In the window to my soul,

I'll look in to find you there,

The summation of my world,

For which none can find compare.

Images of you....

When I close my eyes so tight,

I can picture you with me,

And everything just feels so right.

End of Line.

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