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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Final Endeavor

Hey all,

I sat down this morning to do a straight up love poem, something positive. I just sat down today and wrote, nothing in my mind but the fact that I wanted something positive. I don't like to over think these poems, just keep it loose and simple. I feel that brings a better energy out of the words. It feels good to write spontaneously somedays. Just whatever seems to flow. Anyway hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.

One Final Endeavor

There are so many things that I've wanted to say.

So very tired of these little games we play.

Just to be honest and speak to you truth.

Rekinde the magic we lost in our youth.

Tell you these words that find in me joy,

Forget these moments of pretending to be coy.

Open myself and let you see in,

A brand new start all over again.

In the seconds when you aren't here,

Always in my mind's eye do you appear.

Never far from my waking thought,

Even in dreams brings your images caught.

And as you see to depths of my love,

Only you contain the solution thereof.

I pray this leap of faith will nary fall short,

A structural frame from what we share shall support.

For what we can build contains neither concrete or steel,

But cannot be stronger than than these bonds we feel.

The time is now for opportunity can't last,

For the mold is set and the die has been cast.

Now I must ask of you one final endeavor,

To join me in love both now and forever.

End of Line.

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