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Monday, October 29, 2007

Deepening Sigh

Hey all,

This is the first of the three poems I wrote in Tucson. It was really late at night on my first night down there. Sitting in the hotel room, unable to sleep.

Deepening Sigh

I look to my left,

At a bed all alone.

An empty space beside me,

Trying to sleep with the unknown.

Locked down in this hotel,

A strange new place.

Away from the world,

Still haunted by your face.

The glow of the television,

Plays on in the background.

But I don't seem to watch,

Drowning out all the sound.

So far from my home,

Don't know when I'll be back.

It seems so long ago,

That my life was on track.

As these days pass on,

And the time ticks by,

I lose more of myself,

To this deepening sigh.

Here in this room,

A place built for two,

Sleepless nights lacking slumber,

All of me missing you.

End of Line.

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