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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey all,

I wrote most of this quick poem in about 15 minutes on a break at work. I don't know really what inspired it, just the thoughts of walking away from a relationship and how you justify it to yourself. Maybe not my strongest poem in terms of lyrical cord but I did like a few of the couplets that came through. Anyway the title is supposed to be a but of an oxymoron, where the poem is really about burying yourself in lies, and wanting nothing more than to be stripped away from the burdens that hold you down. I don't know if that really comes across but I hope you enjoy. I am going to try to pot up the next installment of The Rewind tomorrow so thanks for sticking with me. Hope you like the poem.


Slowly falling down the line,

An image sent yet trapped in time.

Praying softly for that failed sign,

But I feel its loves lost crime.

The hurt rose up and bubbled forth,

Overfilled with regret and shame.

And everything points true north,

To where I cast the lonely blame.

I walk the path through rain and snow,

Along a trail long over grown,

And all around the wind does blow,

Never fading the seeds I've sown.

I cannot push away the thoughts,

Not so far from my waking mind,

Holding still an image fraught,

Of your memories in kind.

How I wish I could be stripped,

Of all the ways you hurt me so,

This desolate land where I have tripped,

And the thought of you still strikes me low.

Turning down a forgotten road,

My memories a vivid scar,

Carrying this burden bared to load,

This journey now to travel far.

I cannot say goodbye,

All that's left are lost hellos.

My chest heaves with a faintive sigh,

As her voice is carried in the windy blows.

The ghostly dreams that still reside,

Of past pleasures and chance denied.

The salty stain of tears I cried,

And all that's left is how I lie.

End of Line.

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