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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hey all,

I've had a really hard time writing this poem. I have probably struck about seven or eight failed attempts to write over the last two days until powering through with this poem. I just haven't had that creative spark for writing poetry in the last month or so. Hopefully I can find some good inspiration soon and get back in the saddle. Thanks for reading guys!


Time has come to say goodnight,

And all our last farewells.

Tomorrows not to come again,

Forgotten in the past it dwells.

It's gloom and hate and all goes dark,

The hope I snuffed shall fade to black,

I tried to stay until the end,

Because I know I'll never look back.

Walked away, her back to me.

The luster's gone from once bright eyes,

Further out into the horizon,

The widening gap between us lies.

Into the heart of a braver man,

He'd said the words I'd longed to say.

I've a cowards fear of bravery,

As their love is out on display.

I'd never said those faithful words,

Nor told her what was trapped within.

Now she's found what I locked away,

Her happiness is my chagrin.

This love trapped inside my soul,

A corruption left to fester,

It's blooming petals gone to rot.

And a pain I just can't sequester.

I hate myself for what I've done,

Resting on my fatal apathy,

It's far to late to take a chance,

But not to suffer this agony.

She's found what she always wanted,

In the arms of another man.

Succumb now to this loss of hope,

And back to where it all began.

Filter please all the past.

The memories must fall away,

That pain of losing her so fresh,

Will hurt me till my final days.

End of Line


Jody said...


Jody said...

That was sad. But well written. I liked it very sad though.