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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Assorted Nuts

Happy May Everyone!

All in all I don't think I had a very good April. My blog output was not up to my standard. I realize that I am just not a morning person or a regular 9 to 5 kind of guy. I feel at my best creatively when I can work on my blog later in the evening. Getting up early means that by the time I get home I am to tired to write, that my brain isn't working on the level that I need for it to be at its maximum efficiency.

I certainly have been thinking a lot about what I am going to be working on this month. I have been trying to do some other things creatively that I hope to have some posts on this month, plus a ton of good movies are coming out. I also really want to put some time back into my poetry, I don't think either of my efforts last month hold up the way I want them to, so I am going to try to refocus on that and have a good effort of two. I have also been working on designing my own interpretations of some vinyl toys that I hope to finish up on this week, I am almost through with one, but on the next one I am going to take pictures and post on my progress.

In terms of my Flash Fiction I hope to have a couple of entries into The Darkest Dawn as well as ramp up into my new Noir Story. Mostly I just want to get back into writing a little everyday, something that I didn't do last month. It felt forced and stilted a lot of the times I sat down to write and I don't want that. Its not like I don't have ideas or things to write about, its just that the passion and fire seemed dimmed. I am going to try to power through that this week and into next and I am hoping that a change of schedule will pay out creatively.

Thanks for staying with me guys.

End of Line.

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