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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 37

Katee watched from the car as the train sped out of Contention. She saw the undead creatures swarm the station but couldn't get that final image out of her head, the freshly bloodstained face of Reny Cargill, simple General Store owner, who had killed his own child. She felt Bill's hand on her shoulder as he pulled her into a half hug.

"It'll be okay Katee. It'll be okay. We're safe now."

Katee turned back into Billy and he held her tight as she quietly wept. The three of them stood there for several moments as Katee wept, Billy holding gently and Sheriff Root looking on. Finally Katee stopped crying and looked up to Billy, a grateful smile lighting up her watery eyes.

"Thanks Billy..."

Billy nodded, and the three of them picked up their equipment. They had boarded the train towards the rear of the car, though there were several between them and the caboose. Their car was strangely empty. Billy watched Root ease his gun out of his holster and look around.

"I don't like this. The train didn't stop and no one is on this car, or has come back to see us. We should head for the engine, check on the the conductor, or whoever the fuck is drivin' this thing. Billy, check the car behind us and I'll check out the next one. Whatever is going on, I don't wanna take any fucking chances."

Billy moved around Katee and held up his rifle. Katee eased the old Navy revolver clear and covered Root as he entered the next car. Root eased through the car slowly, alert, before he heard Billy shout.

"There on the FUCKIN' TRAIN!"

Billy looked as a group of the creatures pulled off of the body they had been feeding on. They were covered in the same gore and blood, wide jaws stretched beyond recognition, yellowed teeth ending in sharp spikes.


Billy worked his rifle twice, one shot spraying the head of one of the creatures against the window, the other blowing out ones knee. Billy bolted across the gap in the carts as he watched the crippled one pull itself towards him still. As he dived through the original carts opening Katee slammed the door shut, throwing the simple lock.

Root looked down to Billy and held out his hand, helping him up.

"Billy, I'm thinking next time we take the fuckin' stage!"

End of Line.

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