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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey all,

Below is a sort of bonus Flash Fiction story. Somehow I erased the installment of The Darkest Dawn I wrote on my break at work this week because it is not on my laptop. Truthfully hitting this Wednesday deadline is getting harder as my schedule has changed at work and I am working more Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am off from work tomorrow and I will be back online with a newly written chapter.

I will probably move new The Darkest Dawn installments to Sundays after this month as we are into the final three chapters of Under a Dead Sun. Forty chapters seemed like a good number to end at and I think I have pretty much run the course with the characters. I am tossing several ideas for a replacement series to act as a bridge between Dawn and Dead Sun. We will see what ideas I can come up with.

Now the real reason for this addendum post is the Flash Fiction post I put up previous. I thought because I lost my usual Wednesday chapter, I would upload this story. I wrote it earlier this year for my room mate who wanted to take a turn at drawing a short short horror story so I did this. This story, and some ideas I cribbed from writer Warren Ellis who would post up micro fiction on his MySpace led me to do my Flash Fiction stories. Now I am not sure if Jason is ever going to use the story, but I thought it would be fun to post it up.

This story was actually the starting point for The Darkest Dawn, where I wanted to do something using classic monster characters, though admittedly other genres have crept into that world, especially with the fantasy elements. I have really changed the world from what my initial idea called for but as each week folds out I try to add another wrinkle in creating a more complex world.

Enjoy the tale, and I'll be back tomorrow with new Dawn, where the action picks back up. Be sure to tune in,

End of Line.

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