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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You - A Valentine

I figured with it being Valentine's Day that I would try my hand a a love poem. These are harder for me to write as I don't have the most confidence with women. I simply tried to channel some of what I am feeling now and embellished it for romanticism's sake. Hope you enjoy.


You occupy every waking thought.

You are everything I've ever sought.

You complete the colors of the dawn,

You brighten the stars when the sun is gone.

You bless my world with your touch,

You don't know that you mean so much.

You chase my fears so far away,

You give the life to my each day.

You break the clouds to the Heavens above,

You opened my heart to feel your love.

You show me all I can be,

You have made a better man of me.

You turn my world to a better place,
You fill my soul's empty space.

End of Line.

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