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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Last Concession

No post with this one.. pretty self explanatory.

The Last Concession

All my answers have gone so far away,

So many questions, what more can I say?

I don't know what the point is to all this,

Aiming for a target I always seem to miss.

My timing just never works out right.

A mounting struggle with this same old plight.

Praying for a change to my daily grind,

But we never seem to be in a like state of mind.

I'll hold conviction to this frustration,

In my ongoing war of self-deprecation.

Looking deep towards my own reflections.

All to justify just these unanswered questions.

Keep looking for the courage to be a better man,

Try to overcome these fears as best as I can.

First I must make this last concession.

To lay true this deep confession.

Every day the same thoughts run through my head.

Always hoping for those words you've never said.

Maybe one day you'll know just how I feel,

But what I feel for you couldn't be more real.....

End of Line.

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