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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super (Dissapointing) Bowl

Most people probably caught the Super Bowl last night. What a turd. Don't get me wrong, I guess I was rooting for Indy, if for only to have to no longer hear about how Payton Manning can't win the big one. It just seemed to me that it was some of the worst football I have seen played, especially in lieu of it being the greatest game of the year.

It started off good with the Devon Harris run back, but from their it was full of missed opportunities and turnovers. Grossman played terribly, he is not the future of that franchise, and even Manning wasn't super. I was really just bored with the whole affair by the third quarter.

The commercials were pretty sad too. The commercial event of the year and they played commercials that I have already seen. That's just lazy! Budweiser had two pretty good ones with the face slapping over fist bumping and the auction caller wedding. Hell, I even liked the K-Fed mutual fund commercial, that was pretty funny. Let's hop next year is a tad more dramatic.

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