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Friday, February 23, 2007


Here is something I was dabbling with the last week. Its not really representative of anytime in my life, more or less the power that people can have in each others life. Its sort of an ode to redemption and how one person can change things for the better. Hope you enjoy.


A heart grew heavy, hard from stone,

Each new hour more alone.

Left adrift among the sea,

Around the cresting waves of apathy.

Cold water seeped the ragged lung,

As silent songs were soon begun.

Darkest thoughts had turned to danger,

The welcomed arms of a black-robed stranger.

But 'lo upon the horizon behold,

A kiss of wind to chase the cold.

Redemption brought in weather's change,

A newborn chance in life arrange.

Time will turn the shadows to flight,

My day will dawn with your light.

My thanks to whom has stopped my fall,

A life without you is none at all.

End of Line.

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