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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rallying Cry

I know I promised to do some movie picks on this post, but this is more important.

Yesterday's immigration reform rally really makes a big impact in running a restaurant, especially here in Arizona. With such a large Hispanic community and Hispanics being such a big portion of my job market, it makes it difficult to do my job. I don't claim to be the most informed person on any situation, but this I know... cracking down on illegal immigrants won't work. I'm not saying that you don't try, but what was wrong with the old situation? Grinding the economy like this really impacts the businesses that depend on these workers. We need to make some kind of choice that will benefit everyone, because our current path is not leading to an equitable solution. I want to tell you a little story, but let me give you a little background first.

I know my policy is that anyone who wants a job, can get a job. McDonalds, while not being on the glorious side of the job spectrum, has been good to me, affording me a great deal. I get more paid vacation a year than my Father did at his prime working for Goodyear, I will be eligible for a company car in about a year, paid leave every ten years (2 months worth) (that's in addition to the 6 weeks a year I currently get) 401k, medical, dental, life, health insurance, all working at a job most people don't want to do. Hey, every two years is a paid trip to National Convention, which was a paid trip to Vegas in 2005! Its not hard, it can be a little time consuming some weeks, but I like working with such a wide spectrum of people. Giving people their first job is a great feeling, one of my favorite parts abut working there. Especially for those few people who later come and tell me thanks for treating like an adult, not like a child. For trusting them and giving them the opportunity to move on. Hell, I have met some really great friends working their too. The best part about this is that anyone can do this if they try.

Now this is what really bothers me, we were forced to close our lobby a little early on the first for the rally, which I was okay with, our Hispanic crew asked for the day off to go and support the rally and what it means to their people. I am really okay with that, this is a big issue for them. Despite the fact that our employees have to have valid identification to work for us, they believe that this cause is important. I am sure some of them were doing it just for a day off, but that's beside the point. I was leaving work yesterday, after a pretty long day (hey this is one of those times) when I saw a customer come up to go inside. I informed that I was sorry and that the lobby was closed early today. He asked me why? I informed him that due to the rally we didn't have the full staffing requirements needed to be fully operational and that we had gone drive thru only after 5pm. HE proceeded to rant and rave about the fact that we only hire wetbacks and that we should "get off our fucking asses" and do our job. I informed him that we DO check all of our workers legitamancy and that we were doing our best. He looked at me and said you should hire some real Americans. I looked him in the eye and said, that's what they are trying to be, its racists like you who are keeping them from being one. And I turned and left.

I fucking hate racists.

End of Line.

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