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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hey all.

Thought I would post a quick update here from my friends MAC as my brother seems to be taking his sweet time repairing my PC. He hasn't figured out what seems to be the problem, but I am sure he will find it soon... I hope.

I caught The Da Vinci code over the weekend and I thought it was a pretty decent movie. I hav read that alot of critics are lambasting it in thier reviews but I feel that it is kind of harsh. In reading the book its not really an action story, its a puzzle thriller, and adating that into a movie is difficult as portions of the book are simply running from one place to another. Making that exciting isn't an easy task. I also feel the book lent itself to faster pacing by having such short chapters, giving the reader a sense that they have read more and the book a quicker tone. In the movies you tend to try the same elemnts with camera cuts and such, but it doesn't translate the same. To many cuts makes it way to MTV, and not enough makes it to VH1.

That being said, I enjoyed the film, especially Ian McKellen, who always sems to give strong performances and Jean Reno, a favorite since The Professional. Tom Hanks does a passable job, it's not his best work but he rarely comes across the screem poorly (despite recent projects like The Ladykillers and The Terminal)

Go check it out.

End of Line!

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Jody said...

I heard a really cool interview on NPR with the guy who did the soundtrack. He said that when deciding what instruments to use he wanted to stay away from using a lot of brass instruments and use more strings instead. He said that if you use too much brass you end up with this really overpowering sound and it's more Jurassic Park and not enough Silence of the Lambs. Basically too much action and not enough thinking. So he really wanted to be sensitive to the fact that this movie was really about these people thinking, and figuring out clues and the suspense involved with that. When I saw it last week I really paid attention to the music and it really did give it that feeling of being more cerebral. Anyways, I think they did a good job with the film. Not Earth shattering but definatly a fun watch.