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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Missing in Action....

Hey all.. Just a quick update to let everyone know that the site will be down for a bit. Finally getting the PC overhauled and it may be a little while before I post, unless I can use my roommates (*gasp*) MAC to update.

Hey, I will relate a funny story before I go. A friend of mine and myself went to our usual watering hole for a couple of brews this Friday night. I hit the men's room after a few beers and hit up the urinal. There was another guy next to me there, and unfortunately there was another guy at the urinal. Before I go any farther let me point out that my usual safety zone in the stall was occupied and I really had to go. Anyone who read my earlier incident can relate to my reluctance to use urinals at all anymore.

Anyway, I digress. As I am doing my business the guy next to me starts talking to me. "Dude, check out my dick. It's so small. Seriously, look at this thing man. My penis is fucking small." What do you tell a guy at that point. All I could say is.."Umm that sucks man." I certainly didn't want to look at it.

At this point I am laughing my ass off as this guy is so shit-faced. How does this stuff keep happening to me?! Can anyone have more strange things happen to them in a bathroom?

Hope you all liked that one. See you in a while.

End of Line.

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Anonymous said...

Like someone once said.....
"I like your penis way better than mine"