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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Catching the Fever

Being from Phoenix, I don't think that there are to many people not caught in the grips of Suns playoff basketball. Sports have always been an off and on again thing with me. In my youth I truly enjoyed football and watching the games, as I entered my teens, I fell out of being interested in sports in general. Sometime after I hit 25, the old flame came up and caught me, where I found my self watching more sports and generally being more knowlegable about them. The two biggest sports for me are football and basketball.

With football, I will now watch like any game on TV, sure I have my favorite teams, but I think there is some kind of weird genetic coding that will make man watch any given game on TV. With basketball I am more selective, and found that I am only interested in my teams (The Suns and The Cavs-as I originally hail from the Cleveland area)

Suns basketball is just plain exciting to watch, as despite their thrashing at the hands of the Clippers last night, I have high hopes that the leagues reigning MVP will shut them down through the series. I am not so blind to think that they can win the championship, as the Spurs and particularly Detroit seem just unbeatable. I really hope to see the Suns again next season with the return of Amare Stoudamire giving them the one thing they truly lack, interior offensive presence. If the Suns shoot bad, they could really use that key interior game to keep the perimeter open.

I'm not writing them off yet, I do feel that if they can get past the Clippers and in the conference finals, we could give either Dallas of the Spurs a good series. The longer the Dallas and Spurs series go, the better it bodes for the Suns, as the run and gun offense that they use could really wear on the other team.

Anyway you look at it though, its a good time to be an Arizona sports fan, with the Suns on fire and the Cardinals shaping up with solid drafting and talent on the roster for once, I for one can look forward to this year in sports.

Now, if any of my friends were even remotely interested in this scene I could talk to someone about it.

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