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Friday, August 31, 2007

True Story Time!

Hey all,

I thought it was about time to do another true story, this one about how I used to be friends with a murderer.

It should stand without question that I am a pretty big nerd, and being said nerd I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. Not much of a surprise considering my love of the fantasy genre. I was turned onto the game by my boss at the time, who used to have a few people over and play the game. After I moved out and got my own place, we started playing there. At one point I think there were 10 people or so making up our party.

Rather than regale you with more tales or nerdity, let me get back to the point in question. Since my boss and myself were playing (and were really good friends) we had invited another friend from our McDonalds days in, my friend in Flagstaff, Bill. With the three of us playing once a week, eventually other people at work found out what was going on. One of them was named Scott. We liked Scott, he was a hard worker and joked around a lot , generally having the same interests as all of us. We invited him to join, along with his D&D friend Brian.

Brian, nicknamed Smelly Brian to differentiate from the other Brian in the group, because that guy had the worst BO ever. Really solidified the smelly nerd cred that we are so often saddled with. Scott, though, is the point of this story. He had a pretty hard life early on, but he had been taking steps to get his life on track. he was only 17 or 18 at the time we had met, dropped out of school to work. We invited Scott to our house, many times over the months, and we all felt really comfortable around him.

That's why it was such a surprise when my boss, Kurt, and myself were at work and Scott walked in, immediately being arrested by the police for attempted murder. We were in shock, that had to be a mistake right? It turns out he had agreed to be a part of an attempt to kill his roommates aunt (or mom.. i don't really remember) who was laid up in a sickbed. Apparently his RM was in line to inherit a bunch of money and promised Scott $10,000 to be an accomplice. He alleges that he was only a lookout, though the police have evidence of him buying a knife, gloves and a mask. It got even more serious when his charges were upped to 1st degree murder after the victim died in the hospital from the wounds suffered in the attack.

We didn't believe that he was capable of such an act, even visiting him at the county jail once, before his sentencing. In the face of such undaunting evidence, and the fact that Scott agreed to testify against his RM and his RM's wife, we came to the conclusion that this wasn't somebody we really knew. I didn't write him or anything, and we never visited him after that. I did get a letter in the mail about 6 months afterwords where he called me several names and was very angry that I didn't contact him anymore because he was in jail. It wasn't jail, it was the fact that he was a fucking murderer!

I decided to retell this story as I received a very surprising guest in the drive thru at work the other night, one Smelly Brian. He was driving a cab and was looking pretty haggard. I'm not a thin man by any means, but I felt pretty damn svelte looking at him, he was huge. He recognized me and mentioned that Scott is out of jail and working as a manager at McDonalds in Chandler. Let's hope he's still not mad eh?

End of Line.

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