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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hey all,

Here is my latest poem. I tried some different techniques with this one and I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out. It's sort of my thank you to those that inspire me to create and write these poems. Hope you like it.


From the many you are the one.

Who leads me to do what i have done.

Formulate this mind which you've lead to thought.

I thank you for showing me what I once sought.

Finding the means to convey from my heart.

In your work I have found that missing part.

Few things motivate like your skill,

In your work I find a desire to fulfill.

Forging this matter with the fires of passion.

Has shown me the means to my expression's fashion.

Forming this missive of which I create,

Pairing these words for which to conjugate,

Free to manufacture my thoughts into word,

With your images I find my abilities stirred.

For that manner your pictures always inspire,

Your imagination and talent will I always admire.

Favor this message for you are the cause.

To lay soul to public both my good and my flaws.

Forever this moment shall carry my appreciation,

Everyday you provide me with such inspiration.

End of Line.

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