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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Love's Lost Lorn

Hey all.

Here is my latest poem. I was thinking about all those unhealthy relationships people have in their life when you try to recapture what you once had. I definitely wanted to do something a little longer while staying succinct enough to get my meaning across without getting to repetitive. Hope you like.

Love's Lost Lorn

You called me up on the phone.

It's been a year since you left me alone.

You said you were sorry to atone,

That I was everything you'd ever known.

You'd left your old boyfriend behind.

The way he treated you was less than kind.

When you left you weren't in your right mind.

You claimed are hearts are forever entwined.

So sorry that you done me wrong.

You thought of me when you heard our song.

He's made you so unhappy for far to long.

Now you want to come back to where you belong.

You sobbed aloud that I'd been missed.

Reminded me of the first time we kissed.

Those old feelings you had to hard to resist.

That without me you didn't truly exist.

You say that things were bad.

Want to rekindle what we had.

That not having me makes you so sad.

But when you left me I felt so bad.

Without you I cried out all my tears.

Why did you leave me after all those years?

There is no way the damage just disappears.

And none of your reasons can soothe my fears.

I always wondered what I did to make you leave.

Was its something that I couldn't perceive?

Now your return is to hard to believe.

Is this another lie in the web you weave?

Broken love left me with this pain.

To much time has passed to complain.

I know now what you want to obtain.

But there's nothing left here to sustain.

You want our love to be reborn.

When all our ties have been cut shorn.

After all the time that I did mourn.

Now what's left is love's lost lorn.

End of Line.

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