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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Slow The Day

Happy August folks!

Here is the second poem that I wrote on vacation. Well technically its the third poem but I can't really read the second poem to well. I wrote it on the plane from Vegas to San Diego. Cramped seat plus drunkenness equals some really bad handwriting and some rhymes that don't even.. well rhyme. I will work on that one and try a polish, it will technically fall in my 2 attempts or less rule so hopefully I can get something out of it.

I wrote this poem in the car ride home from San Diego. Hope you enjoy.

Slow The Day

Left behind once again.

No regards to consequence.

A decision fraught with regret.

For all must one day render recompense.

The same mistakes are made again.

Always seeks the quicker route.

But the easy path you take at last,

Can never subset that feeling of doubt.

Future days will come to pass,

Those choices made to soothe the present,

In your hurry to fill the day,

You can't see what is truly absent.

Slow the day and see the stars,

Moonlight night or summer sky.

The world will turn around this night,

And new opportunities ahead will lie.

Take heart the words here said.

Can't see what you've left.

Selfish days leads distress,

Forgotten friends found bereft.

But here I must let you go.

I can't be the one always there.

Though it still hurts sometimes,

To think that you don't care.

End of Line.

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