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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moving On

Hey all.

(edit)One quick note before I begin, I fixed the double rhyme in the last post that I missed somehow during the poems proofread. Sorry about that.

I seriously don't know what to think right now. There is some serious craziness going on in my family.

First off there is the issue with my brother. While I was away in Las Vegas he packed up all of his shit and snuck out of the house. Maybe a little back story first, eh? My brother had broken up with his GF last year and it was really ugly. She had a daughter from a previous marriage and Gregg was really close to her. When his GF left him, it really tore him up. Both emotionally and financially as she ran up a lot of debt on him. She actually paid the bills the bills in the house in Gregg's name and was in charge of his finances. She stopped paying bills and such kept the money with her so she would have money when she left him. It was really ugly and my brother was hurt bad. After this happened I convinced my brother to move in with me for a little while to get his shit straight, catch up on his bills and whatnot. He agreed to pay a little rent while he stayed here too, $300 a month for everything, utilities, cable, Internet, ect.. you know not much so that he could get things straight and a little to help me out too.

When he moved out he didn't tell me or anything. He just left. I was very hurt that he didn't even call me or anything, I have to hear about it from Jason, who came home and said that his stuff was gone. I feel I should point out too that Gregg had no furniture or anything, stuff he was supposedly going to buy. He moved in with his new GF of like a month and then last week he proposed to her.

I don't begrudge someones happiness but I think my brother is rushing things. I don't want to see him get hurt again. I have to wonder too about his financial situation as he owes money on 2 cars, skipped out on the last 2 months rent to me, stole $25.00 from me, and was still dealing with issues from his credit card after his old GF left. I hope I am wrong and everything works out for him.

To top it off my Mom came by work last night and dropped a bombshell. She is getting engaged and moving to Las Vegas with some guy she barely knows. I should be surprised by this but I am not. This will be the third time she has done this since leaving my Dad. When things start to take a tough turn my Mom looks for an easy out and this is it. She is loosing her job as a home care provider (all under the table of course) next week and now she feels like she is going to be screwed. So she is falling back to old ground, the easy out. By brother and her are a lot alike. I guess my Mom knew this guy a few years ago when she was in the Goldwings motorcycle club (yeah my Mom a biker...*sigh*) and they reunited in Las Vegas last week when my Mom took a solo vacation there, something I now find a little circumspect. Apparently he charmed the pants (insert uncomfortable pun here) off her her and now my Mom is leaving in 2 weeks.

I don't know what to feel. On one hand I think that this is some crazy shit, but then I think, am I just jealous that they have what I want? I am not saying I want to get married as soon as possible, just that maybe I don't seem to have the same opportunities. My brother and I are estranged over his leaving, (not by the actual leaving but by how he sneaked out and didn't talk to me about it) and now my Mom dumping out of town. It seems that everyone I care about is moving on, and I am still right here. You know, maybe its just that I don't see how rushing a relationship will fix problems in the now, I guess maybe I am too long term investment minded. Anyway thanks for lsitening (reading) to my rant.

End of Line.


eltoromuerto said...

I know these people and they are fucking crazy....
But I might be over protective of you myself.
Nah...they are fucking crazy!

Autumn said...

I have to second what he said. I have people like this in my life too, sometimes they're not strong enough to be alone. I think it takes a lot of character to be able to be your own person and rely on yourself. It's not easy at all, but compromising isn't necessarily a better option. It's good that you've avoided it, even if most of the time it doesn't feel like it.