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Sunday, August 19, 2007

True Story Time!

Hey all!

Thought I would update you all with another true story. First off I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the inspiration to tell this particular story stems from a current condition in the house. We have no fucking air conditioning. It's like 95 degrees in here, I just feel hot and sweaty and fairly gross.

When I first moved out with my good friends Jason and Jeremy, we had a little dumpy 2 bedroom apartment, over in Glendale. It was probably 1997 or so. Jeremy and myself had gone to a movie and came home late on night. We walk into the door and are assaulted by a sweltering hot living room. The AC was blowing out hot air and had been doing so for quite some time. We look to the couch, to find Jason, clad solely in boxers, eating a pizza he cooked in the oven. its a hundred fucking degrees and he uses the oven....He looks at us an says a line I will never forget, or let him live down, "It's fuckin' hot in here huh?" No fucking shit.

Anyway Jerms gets pissed because Jason didn't turn off the AC as it was blowing hot air. In Jason's defense, neither he or myself were allowed to touch the AC as we couldn't be trusted to regulate the temperature, so Jason just left it alone. I swear it was so hot in their. I looked to the two of them and said I wasn't sleeping there, I was heading to my parents house to sleep in the cool. They could have came, but neither would. Jerms uttering the phrase, "I pay my rent here, I'll sleep here." Fuck that.. I was getting some sleep.

I knew they were kind of pissed I was dumping out, but I didn't care.. it was to hot. I got to my parents house and woke my dad, told him I was gonna sleep on the couch. I'll never forget in the morning he cried out aloud as He thought I was a burglar, not remembering that we talked .. I guess while he was still asleep. I asked him what kind of burglar sleeps on the couch.

Jerms and Jason later professed to me that it was probably the worst night of sleep either of them had ever had. Laying straight on the mattress with all the fans blowing. Horrible.

Real quick note, Saw Superbad last night and I would definitely recommend it. There is not one super funny scene, like in 40 Year old vergin or Old School, but its consistently funny thought the film. A little bit of the Judd Apatow (the director of the films) heart at the end, but it wasn't overly played like in Knocked Up. Very funny stuff.

Here's hoping I can post again soon. It's so hot I can't even use the can let alone stand it in the computer room for to long. Both places I want to sit back and enjoy whats going on. Here's hoping my friend can get the ac fixed by tomorrow and things be back to normal by Tuesday.

End of Line.

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