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Friday, August 03, 2007

Assorted Nuts

Hey all!

Not a whole lot to update today, just wanted to drop a few quick lines about a few odds and ends.

Picked up the expansion for Guitar Hero, Rock the 80's Encore. This is definitely the weakest installment of the series. For $50.00 I want more out of the game. On the previous games you had like 35 to 40 songs, plus another 20 or so unlockable songs. This one has a flat 30 songs with limited unlockable content, no new songs or outfits or alternate characters to unlock.I am threw the medium set list and I pretty much bought what I wanted. When you consider that the earlier games shipped with our without a guitar controller, buying it at $50.00 without still got you more songs. I know that it is supposed to be a game to tie you over until the big releases this Christmas in GH3 or Rock Band, but it is still kind of a rip off.

I thought I would also take a moment to wax a bit about the summer television time. As things are pretty dry right now I must suggest tuning into what has quickly become one of my favorite programs, Ninja Warrior on G4. Its basically an Iron Man version of American Gladiator with real people competing in impossible obstacle courses. I get so into whether or not my favorite competitors finish, I can't wait for the new tournament to air in the fall. Basically its held in Japan twice a year and its amazing to watch. A better example is a serious MXC challenge, its totally awesome.

In fact, G4 on a whole is a great channel to watch something on when there is nothing to watch. Attack of the Show is a painless way to spend an hour updating you on things that I tend to like, like games, technology, movies, comics... all sorts of stuff.

That's about it. I have heard through different channels that people are actually reading this blog, which to me is a great honor. I appreciate anyone who takes some time out of their day to read my stuff. Thanks!

End of Line.

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