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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Among A Dream

Hey all!

I took at a stab at the second poem I wrote on the plane. I used the majority of the stuff I did write, I just moved a lot around. I think I kept the same inspiration for the poem, my intent. I do know that at some point I rhymed the word beacon with the word concrete. I don't know WHAT that was about. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this poem, something a bit more upkey than my last few. I wanted to do something positive when I attempted this one. Hope you enjoy.

Among A Dream

I find myself among a dream,

Things are not what they seem.

For all is not as appears,

When waking life interferes.

Walking with what went unseen.

To find a change in this routine.

Stagnate life may find me awake,

But sleeping visions can soothe this ache.

Hope is now given chance.

Possibility no passing glance.

When every thought can come concrete,

All meaning becomes complete.

Hidden desires lose their disguise.

When impulse can overrule the wise.

We don't always know what we seek,

Though unbidden dreams may offer a peek.

Pay close heed to slumber's thought.

When tension's grip has you fraught,

At the time you feel so ashen,

Your dreams are the beacon of passion.

End of Line.

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