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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Concert Time: Ska is Dead Tour!

Hey all!

Saturday night my pal Bill and myself hit a really good concert. At a packed house at the Marquee in Tempe, Against All Authority, Streetlight Manifesto, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish played a scorching set. This was basically a ska coming out party as everyone in attendance went nuts. Kind of nice to see the ska scene kicking and screaming a bit.

Against All Authority is an okay band in my estimation, not one of my favorites but I have a few albums on my IPOD, and they played a pretty good 40 minutes, no complaints.

Streetlight Manifesto was a band that I have never heard before and they were great! They are defiantly an up and coming ska band deserving of some wider recognition. Its good to hear some new ska bands making music as the ska scene has been DOA the last few years. The house went crazy for Streetlight too. Bill, whom I consider an authority on all things ska had never heard of them and was disappointed in myself to find a popular ska band he didn't know about. We both agreed to hit them up on I Tunes later.

Less Than Jake played a good set too. They chose people from the audience to come up and play Price is Right style games to determine the set lists. You played Plinko and whatever slot the chip fell in designated what album they would base the set list off of. They also spun the big wheel to determine the second part of the set list. I thought it was a very novel idea and it really got the crowd into the music. They played my favorite Less Than Jake song, The Science of Selling Yourself Short too so I had to give them a positive review.

Reel Big Fish tore the fucking hose down. They played all their great songs, the whole crowd was singing and skanking, myself included! They did great covers of Boys Don't Cry by the Cure and Take on Me by A-Ha. They even did Enter Sandman by Metalicca all horned out. It was awesome. It was just great show. I was left completely drained by the end of the night. Just an excellent live act. They also played some stuff off their new album was had some songs I was diggin. Bill picked up the album and he's cutting me a burn copy.

We swapped burned CD's this week, him giving me some new ska and punk bands to check out, like CIV and Animal Chin, two bands I know nothing about except Bill's insistence of excellence, as well as the new Dropkick Murphy. I cut him a copy of Social Distortions last studio album, Sex, Love and Rock and Roll along with their new song Far Behind. I also got him some Journey and some assorted I tunes downloads. I also gave him one of my favorite new Cd's, Vagiant. A Boston based grrl rock band, I ordered their CD from the website. Sort of a sloppy loose angry rock, I really did the whole CD. They had a song on Guitar Hero 2 called FTK and that turned me onto them You should check out their music on their MySpace page, under Vagiantboston.

Anyway that's my concert update. I have a lot of late night shifts this week so I will try to finish of my next poem for another update, as well as a rundown on the second half of the summer movies rundown.

Thanks for reading.

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