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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Always and Forever

Hey all,

I have definitely been struggling with my newest poem, looking for a fresh take on the subject matter. I really don't know how successful this attempt is. It feels like I forced it a bit, but since I really haven't written that much poetry since coming back from Comic Con, like 1 poem I think, I thought it was time for another. My thoughts lately have been turning to maybe try my hand at some fiction, debating between several story ideas. I'll drop a separate post on what I'm thinking there. I'm hoping I can find a good subject for my next poem. I've creatively been in a bit of a poetic funk since returning to work. Hopefully with a bit more balance in my life the creative spark will rekindle a bit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this attempt. Thanks for reading!

Always and Forever

My heart may be broken.

Though what I offered was far from token.

You may have moved on.

Newfound affection to dote upon.

But I'll keep you in my mind.

I just can't listen to your warning.

Despite that you left me in mourning.

I can't tell you goodbye.

Got to save you from those tears you cry.

To this fate I've been resigned.

I know you don't love me anymore.

But I made a promise one just can't ignore.

To always be at your side.

Any mistreatment won't abide.

Though what we had is now maligned.

You don't see what we've lost.

A price you paid without looking at the cost.

And your new love may treat you right.

Should he hurt you he best prepare to fight.

A part of us is forever intertwined.

I'll be there for you always and forever.

Connected by this bond you just can't sever.

Hold true to my belief,

And protect you from this grief.

Even after you've left me behind.

End of Line.

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