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Friday, August 24, 2007

Shade Of My Heart

Hey all,

Last night I struggle to even finish that poem, yet this night this poem practically flew from myself to the keyboard. I actually reread last nights poem, and its not as bad as I felt it was last night. I don't know that its as poetic as some of my others, but it definably has its own merits. This is a poem based those times where you tell someone how you feel and they don't reciprocate. Something I think everyone has experienced in their lives. Thanks for reading.

Shade Of My Heart

Underneath the sounding beat,

The hurt now found in full replete.

Can't take back what was said.

Opened soul now left to bled.

Told you things I felt so deep.

That truth inside I could not keep.

Laid bare to your perfect ways,

To honor you 'till end of days.

Every moment spent with you,

Find passion's growth to greater accrue.

You fill me full of warmth and light,

I ask that you provide the spark's ignite.

This final plea I now impart,

To nestle deep in the shade of my heart.

For now until the final call,

I'll give of you my heartfelt all.

And once I said what I had held repose.

Shed this armor now to lay expose.

You looked at me with sadder eyes,

What you would tell me now was easy to surmise.

How flattered you were by this admission.

But what I felt was solely of my own volition.

You'd never seen me quite that way,

How sorry you were if I'd been led astray.

You claimed you never meant to hurt,

But that's the only feeling left to assert.

If only I had held my tongue.

To prevent the end before it begun.

Now I'm left here by myself,

Store again my heart on the shelf,

And when next I feel this love to burst,

I can know I've already faced the worst.

End of Line.

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