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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Assorted Nuts

Happy October all!

i know today is supposed to be a Flash Fiction day, but I have several good reasons why it will be delayed until tomorrow. With the 1st falling on a Wednesday it is very hard to dedicate the time in the day to get the chapter written and posted in time. Work requires me to be there at 3am and while I would normally finish around 3pm, today I had to teach an evening class for work which is only allowing this short window for posting.

I also don't like kicking off the month going into Flash Fiction, the first post of the month is usually a short greeting while a small overview of what I want to do this month. We will be pulling into the home stretch on Under a Dead Sun as well as getting into the meat of Darkest Dawn. I am also kicking around doing a short story for Halloween, something pure horror if I can get a good bead on the concept.

Next week I will take my first look at an overview of the new television season with the hits and misses so far. I also plan to get back to the movies (which I did not do all of last month) by catching the new Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris western Appaloosa. I also have tickets to see Weezer in concert on my birthday so that should be a lot of fun!

I will say this. I really love the fall and October is the beginning of the Fall season. Whether will start to turn just a bit cold and Arizona truly becomes a great place to live with out mild weather. There are times I miss the snow and wind, but Fall is always my favorite time of year.

Anyway, stick with me and tune in tomorrow for new Flash Fiction.

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