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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fair Games

Hey all,

Time for post 2 of my birthday fun with my rundown of the Arizona State Fair. After Weezer let out Stef and me headed into the Fair to meet Jason and Autumn. I really enjoy the Fair and hanging out with three of my best friends was fantastic. We started out with grabbing some Fair food. I picked up some loaded fries with cheese and bacon and a truly great cherry lemonade that everyone enjoyed. Stef grabbed a French Bread Pizza that was bigger than my head. Autumn and Jason had already eaten, a pulled pork sandwich and chicken and rice bowl respectively.

Then we made our way over to the place that deep fries everything and had a sampler platter of goodies, including deep fried brownies, snickers bars, cheesecake, and M and M's. A wild assortment to be sure. I didn't care for the cheesecake, I don't like my cheesecake hot and the M and M's were not what I was expecting, sort of a corn dog shaped confection loaded with the candy inside.

After gorging ourselves there we headed to hit a few rides. Last year was the first time I had ever ridden a Ferris Wheel and I wanted to ride an open air one this time. The Grande Wheel, which we rode last year had you in an enclosed cabin and it wasn't very cool. The Wheel this year was open and felt a lot more fun. To be able to see out and feel the wind in your face while taking in the surrounding sights. I was really upset that I forgot my camera, I should have taken some pictures. Stef and me also rode the giant swinging chairs. A ride where you sit in a chair by twos and you are pulled up high and in a circle. It was like a swing set but over a 100 feet in the air. Exhilarating.

Next up was some shopping. I bought a cool belt buckle in the shape of the Russian Hammer and Sickle, while Stef checked out the Nightmare Before Christmas bonanza. We walked around after that before calling it a night at the close of the Fair and I can honestly say it was one of the best times I have ever had. Getting to hand out with Jason and Autumn, and just being around Stef always makes me feel better.

After I dropped Stef off at her house I headed over to the local bar, Old Chicago, and met up with my friends Bill and Carmen, who drove down from Flagstaff specifically for my birthday. Carmen took off as I came up but I got to spend some good time with her and thank her for coming down. Bill and I headed back in to the bar to meet up with Jason's brother Danny and his wife.

Though it was late we managed to still get in a few rounds and tell old stories. I even tried a new drink, an old fashioned. Since watching the show Mad Men on AMC I have wanted to try it as the main character has that as his drink of choice. I got to say that it was terrible. The first drink that I never wanted to finish or order again. It was made with whisky, sugar mixed with bitters (an alcohol designed to be mixed with sugar with a really bitter taste)ice, soda water, and an orange slice with a cherry. It was overly complex and all I could taste was the bitters and soda water. Just horrible.

In the end it was okay because I chased it with a rusty nail and an Old Milwaukee so all's well that ended well. Overall it was such a good day. Growing older never seemed more fun.

Also up top is a post of a young me, boy how times have changed.

End of Line.

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